Monday, March 30, 2015

My New Journey into Madness

Been working on the idea of revamping the layout for my future retirement.  Goal is to plan it to fit in my wife's parents house in Mississippi.  Her aunt build a 20 by 40 building that has AC and is very nice.  This of course immediately becomes the target for the new layout.  Original plan was to build a new building, but cost and time seemed disproportional to my goals.  So the idea to begin converting parts of the existing layout into modules and building all new sections modular to relocated to existing building was born.

Beginning drafts of new plans, require one interior wall to move and 3/4 of front to be extended out 3-5 ft. Aisle 30-36", mushroom and deck  Similar to existing but redoing parts that proved to not be as workable as I hoped.  Allows expansion of cities, wider radius, and addition of Como - Boreas - Leadville and Alpine Tunnel and Gunnison.

Polar Star Mill 2014

The polar Star in Black Hawk in now a residence and the owner has done an admirable job keeping the structure intact and in good condition.  Some pictures from our 2014 visit.  The Polar Star is unique in that it is not on the side of a mountain, relatively flat and house an enclosed water wheel (raised wood section in the middle of the roof).

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Deer Creek Mine arrived

Sierra West Deer Creek Mine arrived this week.  First impression very positive.  Pictures to follow-up.