Sunday, June 29, 2014

Final Beaver Brook Station Pictures

Wanted to share the final build pictures of my Beaver Brook Station.

This station was on the CC\C&S Clear Creek line from Golden CO to Black Hawk and Silver Plume CO.

If you'd like to see any detail on the build -

Front of Station

Rear of Station

Left side - not seen on layout.

Right side - the part that looks like an addition is the dual outhouse.

3/4 view showing interior

Close-up of interior.

Thanks for looking

Thursday Update

Worked more on the Interior.

Used Bachmann figures fro an old toy train set. Did not want to use really good figures as you cannot see detail through the windows.

Here is view with light on and looking through the window. 

Upstairs large window, I added another figure looking out the window.

These were painted with craft paints and Vallejo. The more I use the Vallejo, the more I like it. Goes on smooth, one coat coverage. No lumps and takes little mixing.

I suspect for buildings and rolling stock it will become my go-to paint.

More progress to post later.

Thanks Cameron

Thursday, June 26, 2014

As promised some update photo's:

As promised some update photo's:

Qtr view with batten installed.

Rear wall temporarily in place

Interior partitions to control light both natural and artificial.

Evans LED's are prewired and have resistors included to make install on a 12v system easy. Adding an additional resistor will dim the light. Lights in early 1900's were more orange than today so I will be adding another resistor to drop light level and shift temperature. If that does not go orange sufficiently will tint with Tamiya transparent paint mixed with Aleene's clear glue and spread over the led.

LED placement from rear.

Close-up of exterior with natural light

Close-up of exterior with artificial light on. Lights require control of light leaks, have some more work to do on the interior window to make sure not telltale lights shine through.

Trim is next. Then interior, mount roof, finish stairs and weather.

Almost to the finish line.

Thanks Cameron

Monday, June 23, 2014

Spray Booth completed.

Started a project to build a Spray Booth for my modeling. Well 6 months later I can say it is finally fully wired and vented. The unit uses white bookshelf material for a finished look and a shaded pole motor offering > 200 cu ft minute capacity. The reason for shaded pole is most spray booths are not to be used with enamels due to their flammability. Shaded poles have no exposed electrical parts and are designed to handle flammable gases.

Since the vent is to the left not back, I was concerned about draft. Tested with smoke and it has no issue drawing fumes away. I will cover bottom and back to catch any over spray.

Beaver Brook Station Update

Well, been hard at it, made some good progress. Had to hold off on the scratch built windows due to time constraints.

Here are some photos:

This is the almost completed right wall. Still needs weathering and some trim board. The merging of the foundations is achieved by using colored plaster squeezed into the crack between plaster castings making up the foundation. They are then carved and colored.

Northeastern has a really good roofing material. I like the variations in color and the way it is made it is easy to split.

The window peaks are scratch-built. The beams are to support the station deck. Doors are also scratch-built.

Adding the deck to the supports. You can also see the batten added.

Added 2 sides and roof to show a mock-up of the building in whole.

If it were not for the time constraint this would be a really fun build.

Thanks Cameron

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Late update.

Have been tied up with Holidays and trying to finish our kitchen. Not a lot out on the layout but did work on my Beaver Brook Station build.

Wanted comments and ideas on how to improve.

This is the std window I am hoping to use. Colors are based on information Keith Pashna sent me from Joe Crea. Going with either a green trim on light grey or on red. Since I'm modeling 1907 and Station torn down in 1895 it's a bit of Rule #1 here.

This image is a small portion of a Ted Kierscey picture. Limited as I was unsure if copyright had been renewed. Purpose is to show top of doors and windows. This is what I'm trying to reproduce.

I tried mullions on Clover House glass using tape. Looks off, not sure why. May go back and try wood on glass using canopy glue or similar clear type glue.

Thoughts, suggestions, all appreciated.

Thanks Cameron

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Coal Shed Final

Coal Shed finally done - Used pan pastels on the wagon, they work well.