Sunday, June 8, 2014

Late update.

Have been tied up with Holidays and trying to finish our kitchen. Not a lot out on the layout but did work on my Beaver Brook Station build.

Wanted comments and ideas on how to improve.

This is the std window I am hoping to use. Colors are based on information Keith Pashna sent me from Joe Crea. Going with either a green trim on light grey or on red. Since I'm modeling 1907 and Station torn down in 1895 it's a bit of Rule #1 here.

This image is a small portion of a Ted Kierscey picture. Limited as I was unsure if copyright had been renewed. Purpose is to show top of doors and windows. This is what I'm trying to reproduce.

I tried mullions on Clover House glass using tape. Looks off, not sure why. May go back and try wood on glass using canopy glue or similar clear type glue.

Thoughts, suggestions, all appreciated.

Thanks Cameron

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