Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday brief update


A brief update. Gloss added and a few close-ups of rapids.

The light lets you see the effect of the Mod Podge.

Close-up of rapids with highlighting, may add a little more.

Tried to vary each rapids to make unique.

I really like this one, unique configuration.

Final shot of rapids

Debating adding pillow filler as spray, it can work, but it also can look fake. Still pondering. Issue is how you secure it. if pressed in resin while wet, great care must be taken to ensure no resin gets on fibers. From prior tests tendency is to use too much. Once in place after it dries I have had to thin considerably.

Sorry for quality of photo's, son used my small camera and then forgot where he put it.

Thanks Cameron

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Update on Creek

This is a shot with highlighting in-place. Adding 2nd layer of Mod Podge matte seemed to help on the white streaks being to apparent. Will add Gloss hopefully tomorrow.

Thanks Cameron

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Update

Goodday all,

Wanted to add a few updates.

This is where we started, First resin pours in place will add more for bridge area and tinted resin.

After final pour and tinting adding Mod Podge matte to cut reflection and give ripples. Dries flat.

Matte gel applied, shows slightly opaque, establishes flow. Will reapply Mod Podge over to fine tune look. Getting ready to begin high-lighting rapids.

Will try to finish 2nd coat of Mod Podge tonight and high-light rapids. Then on to bridge work.

Next Goal is to begin laying track. Struggling with adding and cork road bed as most pictures I see from time period and from Harry's layout appear to be flat, not raised up.


Thanks Cameron

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Been awhile

With Office/Hobby room mostly moved it is time to get back to the layout. Want to thanks all those who have posted pictures of work spaces, gave me some good ideas. Plan to build spray booth in closet using Louis's plan. Add some shelves and that will give a lot more storage. Hopefully then I will have room to start some builds.

On the Layout been spending most time on Idaho Springs and Argo Tunnel area. The creek is coming along. Finally finished draft on booklet for Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams, hope it will be out before Christmas.

Fixed creek bed using paynes gray and more dirt. Here you can see color and resin pour at the site of the future coal distributor. Plan on using the Campbell kit like on Harry Brunk's layout.

Added some details.

Showing most of length here. Once track in this should be a nice spot to view trains rumbling past the Argo tunnel. Have 2 curved stub turn-outs to make to handle mine traffic. The Argo tunnel survived past the demise of the railroad, only closing when tunnel flooded.

Installed 2x4 to hold mine track, may redo with idea of having a animated mine train coming out of tunnel to ore bins and processing. Bins will be a challenging build (for me at least).

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thanks Cameron

New arrival!

The new C&S #74 2-8-0 arrived from Caboose Hobbies.

Looks really nice. Electric pickups in tender not making really good contact,
on to do list.

Ran with Nano-Oil and she is nice and smooth, surprising as still has open frame

Now if I can ever get a WOW I'd be all set.

Thanks Cameron

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quick Update

Quick Update

Been working on Idaho Springs, Creek and the park in front of the Argo Tunnel. Hope to get some serious time in tomorrow.

Park in front of the Argo Tunnel. Using a Noch grass master with a blend of 2,4 and 6 mm grasses. Still a lot more work to go, but need to make 2 curved stub turn-outs and install before I get too far along and work on Argo Tunnel scenery and structures.

Creek in front of Argo Tunnel. Working on bottom coloring, not real happy with it yet. Trying grout as a blending agent, we will see how it goes.

Creek and work on hiding the new support rod. Rest will be made into a tree.

Hope to test run the new C&S #74 tomorrow, will post a few pictures. Really nice looking brass model.

That's it for now.

Thanks Cameron

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More fixing benchwork

Sorry for being so quiet.  Some full-scale modeling (or remodeling) had to be done at home.  Moved office upstairs and son downstairs.

On the railroad front:
  • Picked up a brass C&S West-side #74 2-8-0 from Caboose Hobbies, will post pictures when it arrives.
  • Happy with Idaho Springs support rods (see previous post) so installed on deck 2 & 3 on the Black Hawk side.  One more set to stall on deck 2 on the end of building where Black Hawk will extend and the Gilpin engine house will reside.  The Black Hawk side came out looking same as Idaho Springs and seems very secure.
  • Planning extension \ lift-out for deck 1 & 2.  Deck 1 will be simple aluminum channel.  Deck 2 will be roughly 2x deep by 3 foot wide and will have structures and scenery.
  • Worked on Idaho Springs side of the creek including looking at ways to hide the support rod.
  • Lastly got a plugin converter for my Noch static grass machine.  Been working on grass across from Argo Tunnel. The Colorado Central book by Sundance shows a park across from the tunnel and bins.  Trying mixing shades of grass and lengths to get a more realistic effect.
Thats all for now pictures as soon as I find to camera (moving office got me).

Thanks Cameron

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