Friday, May 31, 2013

Removable Mine update

Removable Mine update

Thur night worked on making the mine removable and mounting it.

The removable portion has been constructed. Both back and side fascia added. Mine main building mounted with electrical roughed in (mine has 3 lights, one in main building to show hoist and 2 outside lights.

3/4 Side view showing wood retaining wall and proposed tailings dump.

Another view.

Portrait view to show rock work behind mine.

All in all enjoying this. Lots work work to do but it feels great to have a structure going in.

Suggestions, corrections and comments always welcome.

Thanks Cameron

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update on first scratch build - C&S Section house.

Update on first scratch build - C&S Section house.

Trying my first scratch build. Made some more progress. All walls (except storage shed) have boarding added. Some batten still needed.

Added interior color and trying out printed wainscot for interior. Need to build interior window trim.

Test fitting pieces around floor and trying to determine how to finish floor. Assuming floors were wood so may just hand-lay wood strips and finish with a brown stain. If I then add some paper rugs I think it will look good.

Thinking about inside, how much detail do I need? Furniture, fireplace, etc?

Thoughts and comments appreciated. Want to learn and you guys have a lot of experience and talent.

Thanks Cameron

Wednesday Update

Wednesday Update

Worked on rock wall some more. All rough castings now in. Still need more fill with plaster and sculpt-a-mold.

Tried thinner plaster in cake decorator - this time too thin, what a mess it made.

A few pics to share:

Black Hawk side. Will use spray adhesive to add thick Paper as a "canvas" for backdrop painting. First shot just sky color.

Forks Creek Side

With mine temporarily in-place for context.

First spraying of color (helps me see better). The fill-in work takes a lot of time. Then add other coats, work on creek. Once ready will beginning scenery detail.

The mine has grown on me and the comments I received really helped. Will begin making the changes to incorporate scenery around mine.

Creek will be slow going as I need to take high quality pictures for a How-to I'm writing as part of the AP program.

Thanks Cameron

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday update

Monday update

Spent 3 hours on plaster rocks. Made some good progress.

Trying to amke a "module" so I can finish at desk. This is mine in previous post will go.

Using a cookie cutter approach to bench-work. Here is black board for mine removed, showing plywood base.

Mine on removable base.

Use Oscillating saw for the black board cuts. Here cutting out creek.

Major section of stone work on Black Hawk side, couple more molds and will be ready to join all together.

More Stone work Forks Creek side.

Tried something new, using cake kit to fill between rocks. First try not so good, tip stopped up. Think it will work just need to use bigger tip and make sure molding plaster has no lumps. Hobby lobby pd about 5 bucks (with coupon)for 8 backs, 2 couplers and 4 tips. Heard folks on narrowgaugechat talk about using ziplock bags wit the corner cut out.

Thanks Cameron

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Update 26-May-2013

Sorry for the delay. Been slammed at work and had to replace brakes and rotor on an Expedition and struts on a Nissan. I can say the struts were bought springs and all and went on in about 2 hours including clean-up. Had to replace 4 tires and get an alignment so train budget is pretty much shot for the time being.

Got 3 hours Sunday to do some work, came up with an idea I want your input on.

This is the Banta Cimaron Mine kit. Bulit for my first layout and wanted to try and reuse. Thinking on cutting black Board anso it is removable and making part odf turn into Black Hawk.

2nd angle.

Do you think this will look ok?

More rock molds in-place on turn. This is upgrade from Forks Creek.

Next set on the downgrade from Black Hawk side.

I would have never dreamed of the number of castings this is taking, right now working on my 2nd 5 lb container of molding plaster.

More tomorrow. Let me know what your thoughts are on the Cimaron mine.

Thanks Cameron

Monday, May 20, 2013

Been awhile

Sorry been way too long since posting.

Been slammed at work and life issues, did get a little done on C&S section house. Will post later.

On Layout working corner from Forks Creek to Black Hawk. It is a lot of plaster and stone work.

Removed corner picture frame to make it easier to access. Using cardboard web hot glued for support. Cut creek bed in front of plaster. Began adding rock castings.

The time consuming part is the rock castings. Hope ti fill in more this week.

Have car struts and brakes to fix so will not get a lot of time til next weekend and the Memorial day holiday.

Thanks Cameron

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Video of decoder and sugar cube speaker bench test

Video of decoder and sugar cube speaker bench test.

Thanks Cameron

DCC decoder and speaker test.

DCC decoder and speaker test.

Picked up 2 sugar cube speakers from and a MRC light steam decoder to play with.

Plan wiring up outside loco on test track with decoder Pro and get some initial sound tests.

New area of fun.

Thanks Rabbi

New arrival!

New arrival!

Picked up a nice #71 C&S 2-8-0 from a great guy on D&SP forum.

Really sweet loco. Plan to convert motor and make DCC.

Thanks Cameron