Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Coal-house Update

Some more pictures to share.

Roof base with rafters.

Building ready to add coal and roof.

Styrofoam peanuts carved to make base for coal.

Roof temporarily in-place to check look.

Next step is to add tar-paper roofing. Wagon build got a false start, kit I was using had side walls too tall. So will try another kit.

Thanks Cameron

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Switch-back Update - reduced grade to 2.5%

Was not happy with result I was getting from grade meter and friends warned 4% grade was going to cause issues. So redid using 6 legs instead of 4 for roughly 2.5% grade. This time used a measuring tape across a 96" run to make sure grade was right.

Wide angle shot showing all 6 legs. 21" flat area at each end for transition.

Left side showing flat area and distance each side goes up. Measures 5" on each side across 2 legs of 96" each. Total 5/192 = 2.6%

Right Side showing same grade.

Right side tucks in behind Idaho Springs to Georgetown curve.

View from other side showing backdrop hiding switch-back.

Thinking this will be much better. Now to secure it all, lay track and put in cardboard strips for rough scenery. Gilpin used dry stone retaining walls frequently do I expect to use a lot of stone, wood and rock on the climb.

Thanks Cameron

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Switch-back Update

Got some quality time in on the switch-back. This goes from Black Hawk towards Central City to service mines by Gilpin Tram.

Overall picture of switch-back under const.

Here switch-back goes behind scenic divider. Track in front goes from Idaho Springs to George Town.

Left side goes from engine house up to first turn-out.

Next step is to fasten down some test track and determine if grade acceptable. This will be z-scale track being used for HON2.

Thanks Cameron

Monday, February 17, 2014

Presidents Day Update

Finally it's coming together. Got Monday off (surprised me too) so was able to work on both SBM Challenge and Switch-back on layout.

Got a few more boards to add, then on to roof. Going plank with tar paper over. Plan to rip a piece away like storm damage to show planks underneath.

Buddy is making a Coal-house also and he is sending me some Kenosha Pass coal to use inside. Will need to wait on roof until I get that in. Guess I will start on wagon kit build and preparing base while I am waiting.

Thanks Cameron

Coal-House Sunday Update

Wow, it's actually starting to come together.

Building sidewall. left final external stud off to allow trimming to fit.

Having the right tool really helped, used just about every weighted right angle I have. The blocks will and the holes are my favorite. Wanted 100% vertical on the walls. Clamps are hold side walls while they dry.

Test fitting end wall and trimming to fit. I dont trust my measuring so always make a little long then sand.

Long walls in-place, really enjoying the look.

End wall now trimmed to fit, 2x6 spacer needed to complete as wall is just longer than thick support studs. If you look carefully you can see the coal bins inside structure being built.

Lucky for me there is a wide variety in how constructed. These tended to be strong (like an ore bin) to contain weight pushing out. They where not finely crafted, function over form. Nice and rustic.

Thanks Cameron

Friday, February 14, 2014

Coal-house Update

Coal-house Update

Couple of shots what I am working on in the SBM Challenge on Rail-Line Forum. This is part of the Idaho Springs build.

This is where we left off. Note right door is closed. As I was working on the next door I noticed there was not enough space for the door to slide the full width to right.

So what to do? I could redo completely - not a pleasant thought. I could switch to hinged doors - the sliders look so much better I did not want to go that route. Could try to widen building - issues with floor. Even considered shortening to 3 doors.

Thank Goodness a buddy that is building another coal-house suggested splitting the single to a double door and sliding both directions.

So giving it a go, made 1 set of doors and tested.

Completed other doors and mounted. Two open, one close and oops, some forgot to close the door all the way!.

Added top channel, happy with look. Add some more slats in door way to prevent coal from spilling out and I thing wagon side will be good.

Next steps, sides and roof. Thinking either planked roof with battens, or planked roof with rolled tar paper. if I got that route will have to tear a section to "show" the planks underneath.

After that detail interior to be seen trough doors and secure to a removable section of layout and scenic and add horse wagon being loaded.

Time is going to be tight, we shall see.

Thanks for looking - ideas and suggestions always appreciated.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday Update

Finally went from the workbench to the layout. Began building the switch-back for the HON2 Gilpin Tram.

Had to get my son to help, working between decks on this section is not a lot of fun. We installed 1x3 across wall to hit studs. Then made 16" uprights drilled every 1" to take screws or pins to hold sub-roadbed while adjusting grade.

Once this framework was installed it got much easier. Plan is the have a 21" level section at each end and a 96" grade between. This makes adjusting easy as 1" = 1 degree grade (1 to 96 is roughly 1%).

Have the z-scale track and locomotive on order. The ore cars are roughly 1" long and the engine is about 3 inches. So hoping to be able to pull a dozen at a time and them fit in the level transition.

Will not lock in grade until I can test actual pulling power.

Will vary scenery and have some cuts to try and fool eye into thinking it is more that about 10-12" deep. Some of the level transitions will be hidden, so will have to use a sensor to know when train has cleared the points.

Will make foreground removable to fix issues as they arise.

Thanks Cameron

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Update on the Coal House scratch build.

Back from 17 day vacation with a lot of catching up to do.

Rail unloading side. Hatches in place, still need to add hinges.

Wagon loading side.

Test fit of sliding doors. Will model 3 open, one closed. Removable slats will go across door to hold coal from spilling out.

Will cut remaining doors and mount, then add channel up top.

Thanks Cameron

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Short update

Still getting settled in from vacation.

Worked on the coal distributor.  Installed loading hatches on front and began wagon loading wall on back.  Pictures in a day or so. 

Worked on z-scale power max flea drive for my HOn2 shay.  Got it working and so far a 3% grade is no issue.  Needs a good bit more weight to pull much.

Work has decided to cancel work from home so my commute will eat into modeling time.  Plan to post some pictures in a few days.

Thanks Cameron