Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday Update

Finally went from the workbench to the layout. Began building the switch-back for the HON2 Gilpin Tram.

Had to get my son to help, working between decks on this section is not a lot of fun. We installed 1x3 across wall to hit studs. Then made 16" uprights drilled every 1" to take screws or pins to hold sub-roadbed while adjusting grade.

Once this framework was installed it got much easier. Plan is the have a 21" level section at each end and a 96" grade between. This makes adjusting easy as 1" = 1 degree grade (1 to 96 is roughly 1%).

Have the z-scale track and locomotive on order. The ore cars are roughly 1" long and the engine is about 3 inches. So hoping to be able to pull a dozen at a time and them fit in the level transition.

Will not lock in grade until I can test actual pulling power.

Will vary scenery and have some cuts to try and fool eye into thinking it is more that about 10-12" deep. Some of the level transitions will be hidden, so will have to use a sensor to know when train has cleared the points.

Will make foreground removable to fix issues as they arise.

Thanks Cameron

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