Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Denver Moving Forward

Denver Moving Forward

In the original plan Denver was going to be just staging and a Locomotive facility. The new design changed all that and Denver now will become much more of a center piece of the layout.

With that said and staging laid out. It was time to start verifying the Denver Plan. So my first time out to work on the trains in a week (had a cold, now wife has it) I started laying out the major pieces.

Following the plan posted a week or so ago, started with the yard. The key is the turn table so began there. It is the pre-DCC Walthers HO I got from my mentor Barkeep. This unit is reported to be very reliable and the pit is preformed. Laid template in place and added the tracks into roundhouse.

This was the overall scene. The white foundation to front is the car repair facility, the roundhouse to rear of picture, and to the right of the roundhouse is the machine shop. Plan calls also for a coal tower, seen here as dark grey foundation in front of turntable.

Here is a more detailed picture. The Turntable template is marked for 10 degree tracks, Kibri roundhouse is 15 degree. I think the turntable can adjust to any angle so will begin there, if it will not line up I will instead scratch build the roundhouse. Once I verify all will fit, the next task is to cut the TT hole and install, then line up tracks and verify angles. Then building the 10 turn-outs. Will use Fast Track #6 turn-outs. For controls still debating slide-switch or bullfrog.

Next is the new area replacing the relocated staging. This area hopefully will represent a track-side neighborhood in Denver. Plan includes trolley, Synagogue, merchants, theater, etc. shown here against wall. Plan on using shallow fronts of buildings (about 3" with side walk). Then cobblestone street with trolley down middle.

Area to front will be track-side industry ( all FSM including Avrams Bakery, Jacobs Coal, and Butchers Way). The mainline will be parallel to Trolly and thinking a board fence with a strip of grass between street and tract would look good. This will require another 5 turn-outs, same as above #6.

Since time frame is 1916-18, traffic will be mixed horse and car.

Order cobblestone material and will proceed only though track laying until background is either painted or a photo back drop procured. Mainly sky so could go either way. Did look at buying but almost $100 for 10'. Could not find any city backdrops I liked so far.

Read an ideal by Joe Fugate (MRH ezine)to use vinyl remnant as backdrop. Can be gotten with almost no seams and is easy to work on. Thinking it might be best to paint sky before installing, then install and add some radical paper flats to add visual interest.

Advice appreciated.

Thanks Cameron

Friday, January 25, 2013

Forced Prospective

Forced Prospective

Wanting to use Forced Prospective in Golden. The area is 2' deep. Upfront need 2-3 tracks, station, water tower, Freight Depot, and Barkeeps Tavern (named for my mentor). That is about 8 inches depth. After that is a road and creek where the separation needed for the forced prospective begins. Behind Creek is roughly 12-14" where Golden sits. Thinking of using n-scale buildings there along with a N-Scale trolley.

Here is this portion of the plan.

Trolley will run parallel to back drop, may angle road slightly front to back.

Coors will be full size with trolley going behind. Plan is to put Trolley on a auto reverse. There is a unit that allows multiple stops and then auto reverse. So stops at several spots to pick-up passengers. Will stop behind Coors hidden to enforce illusion it continues to Denver.

One "bright" idea is to use the same color trolley in Denver to give the illusion trolley runs entire way.

New Denver plan after moving staging. Note Trolley track parallel to backdrop. Will run right in front of flats of merchants and a Synagogue flat.

I would appreciate any links or advice on how to make the forced prospective realistic.

Thanks Cameron

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Quick Update

A quick Update

Calling the 180 Deck 2 creek done (for now <grin>).

Heading downgrade to Beaver Brook. Final pour of tinted resin, matte gel on top, then gloss gell lightly to add a little sparkle.

Upgrade of previous shot.

Downgrade closer to Beaver Brook.

Upgrade of previous shot.

Here is current Staging, all main tracks now soldered, adding more to left side for Cabesse, etc. Marking, will then drill turn-out controls and adhere with silicon chalk.

Might have the flu, something really hitting me so slow going now.

Thanks Cameron

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reporting in.

Reporting in.

Been working on the Staging area so not much to show.  Progress is slow.  Turnouts soldered in and now adding connecting tracks.  Hopefully by next Monday will have some pictures to show progress.

Thanks Cameron

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Been awhile

Guess it's been awhile. Had to go work on my Mother's Estate in Alabama. Boy was that difficult, lots of memories and lots of stuff to throw away. Still need at least one more trip.

Since getting back have done work mainly on the new staging area. Most of the base wood in. Probably going to forgo blackboard and roadbed. Will see if noise is acceptable. If not I will add the blackboard.

Here is a shot of the yard temporarily laid out just to check spacing. This is the view and clearance if you were coupling and uncoupling cars. Seems acceptable based on limited testing. Still need LED's, waiting on another power supply as I think I really pushing thins one.

Show turn-around.

So far had to adjust grade. Did this by lowering grade in Denver, sort-of George Sellios like. Got all Grades below 3%.

Beginning to work on affixing track, wiring and doing turn-outs. Thinking of using on-on toggle switches to control turn-outs. Tim of BHI publications recommended using bell cranks so I had more freedom in actual placement. If this works well it will most likely replace most turn-out controls both due to cost, and absolute polarity control.

More to follow later.

Thanks Cameron

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Update on Deck 0

Update on Deck 0

Ok so time to get to work. With the plan mostly done I had to verify it would work. So off I went.

So this is the before image. The right side is where we have the height issue.

Cut out blackboard and plywood. Note cut on right side, the rock work hides it, boy was that lucky.

This is the underside. Pretty good clearance at 3.5". Pretty much eliminates dual gauge.

Putting the joists in-place.

This is the 10' section for yard in-place, still need either a return loop, wye, or turntable to turn loco's.

Last shot shows temp track placement and car to show clearances. Don't think reach will be a serious issue.

So far this looks to be a win. The incline to main in Denver still to be put in, but as long as I can get that smooth, this should turn out well.

Thanks Cameron

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lost it!

Lost it!

Ok folks around here always thought I was a little overboard. So this proves it.

Stared at the empty space under the middle peninsula. All that wonderful space gong to waste.

So the idea hit me, how about using it for staging. Denver was a weird mix, detailed engine yard and not detailed staging. I also have 2 FSM (Jacobs Coal & the Flour Mill) kits and 2-3 (Butchers Way, Avram's Bakery and maybe 1 other like Elijah Roths or Yehudah's) that I wanted to use. This would allow adding these and maybe a passenger terminal.

So whats the problem you ask? Well the track going around the Roundhouse would nee to drop 3". This was an issue as Clear Creek Canyon on the middle peninsula has only 3-4" separation. I didn't think a 50% grade was going to work.


First of all needed to discuss with my friend Dave. He's local, we work together and he has a real good head for spotting problems with my grand ideas. So we discussed and came up with "the plan".

First Deck 1 plan. Staging removed and replaced by Denver detail including the FSM kits I mentioned. Note roundhouse and track behind. Dropped run around from plan (moved to deck 0) and cut a section out to allow track to begin lowering about 24" from middle peninsula.

Deck 0 plan. Double ended Staging with a pass through to allow either end to be worked. Added a track for building the consist. Main-line does a 180 to provide a reverse loop. With 15-16" clearance and a 18" depth, it should be easy to couple and uncouple cars. Will use LED' strips for lighting.

Dave and I discussed operation issues and fact to stage you have to sit-down. All of deck 1 is designed for sitting so I think that is ok. Layout is a 1-3 person (max) so not much passing in aisles. Next layout will have 36" aisles.

Thanks Cameron

Weekend update:

Weekend update:

So the work on Forks Creek to Black Hawk and Idaho Springs continues.

This is looking downgrade from Argo Area to Forks Creek. Mountains on both sides and another bridge with creek going from left to right (front) on layout.

This shot is Forks Creek towards Argo Mill (will be just to left of the far corner. Lots of plaster cloth and rock castings to go. The foundation on right is for the Section house. Temp placement just to verify rock wall clearance.

Rock work is coming slowly. It looks like 12 castings just in the is one area. On the right you can see the scene separator, acts like a picture frame. The mountain will restrict view so track will disappear. The hidden area is about 4 sq ft and will just about hide a 6-8 car train before appearing in Black Hawk. Will need to plan how it will be hidden from Black Hawk side, worse case, tall trees.

Here is the area from the Clear Creek Canyon to Golden.

Here is the Black Diamond mine test fitted. Not sure fit there is an opportunity to use a picture frame in the right corner, left will have formed by mountain wall and fascia.

Looking through from Golden to Magpie. Base Scenery in place, will have to make some decisions about right wall. Right now a photo back-drop seems best. Needs another light added, way too dark.

Now to a few miscellaneous items:

Began laying out Roundhouse and turn table in Denver.

Just wanted to share these 2 shots, I really like how it is turning out. Shot 2 still needs Matte/Gloss Gel treatment. Once color and height is right will complete it.

Progressing well. With this track going into service it will really increase ability to run some. Still have issues with turn out controls and fixing several Turn-outs.

Thanks Cameron