Thursday, January 3, 2013

Update on Deck 0

Update on Deck 0

Ok so time to get to work. With the plan mostly done I had to verify it would work. So off I went.

So this is the before image. The right side is where we have the height issue.

Cut out blackboard and plywood. Note cut on right side, the rock work hides it, boy was that lucky.

This is the underside. Pretty good clearance at 3.5". Pretty much eliminates dual gauge.

Putting the joists in-place.

This is the 10' section for yard in-place, still need either a return loop, wye, or turntable to turn loco's.

Last shot shows temp track placement and car to show clearances. Don't think reach will be a serious issue.

So far this looks to be a win. The incline to main in Denver still to be put in, but as long as I can get that smooth, this should turn out well.

Thanks Cameron

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