Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday Update and more LED lighting

Wednesday Update and more LED lighting

Middle of week, got 2 electrical circuits completed with all receptacles in place. Leaves only the Layout lighting to complete. Turned out to be a big job with 60 foot of conduit x2 run and all 3 circuits in box. The Train power circuit has 6 receptacles, all nice 20 amp with metal covers. The A/C circuit has 2 20 amp receptacles.

Not exciting, but necessary, wired 9 of these on the 3 circuits so far.

Lighting circuit currently has just 1 20 amp receptacle. Will add a outside receptacle off that circuit, an outside light, the over head lights and 3 dimmers 1 for each deck. To keep it consist ant I may run a receptacle to the middle peninsula to power the LED lighting.

Got another 600 5 meter LED strand this time warm white. Gives a more yellowish cast and produces less light than bright white. Here are shots to compare:

Here is the Warm White 600 LED

Here is the bright white 600 LED

The warm white looks much dimmer to me. Going to try and play with coloring behind bright white LED to see if it helps shift color.

Here is warm white with an unlettered BlackStone c-19.

Depending how color test goes it looks like brite white 600 LED with a warm white 300 LED will be the best choice of light level and color.

Tonight hope to move the portable A/C heat pump combo into train building.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday 25 March Update

Got the Mikvah working so was able to work on the DGCC today for about 5 hours.

Not alot of eye candy.  Took 3 pictures of wiring then proceeded to dump my iphone into the Mikvah I had just installed plumbing in!  Drat, hate to see what they will charge for that, bummer!

Completed the wiring to the building and cut in 3 20 amp circuits.  Wired up 1 receptacle on each circuit to test and all work well.  Not one shock (only a cut finger) so did pretty good.  Don't like adding circuits.  1 circuit is lighting, one track power with 4 added receptacles for tools, and final is for small AC / Heat-pump.

Began installing the Bus for the DCC, got about 60% of 1 deck done, using 12g stranded with max length < 40 ft.  Running a core set of wires to each deck then going out from there to limit run.  Going to go back and install blocks when needed.

Thats it for now.

Thanks Cameron / OD

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lighting update

Been experimenting with lighting.  The 14w / 60w equivalent CFL's work well when 20" between decks but up the middle peninsula where only 11-14" the bulbs are too big.  I had posted some 300 led photos and they were dim.  Ordered the 600 led lighting strips and have some side by side comparisons.

Image 1 is 300 leds / 5m, or approx 18 per foot, bright white.  Image 2 is 600 led / 5 m, or approx 37 per foot.  I think the difference is easy to see.  Good news, the 600 leds is only about 50% more that the 300's so much cheaper to buy.  Same supplier on evil bay (e-bay).  So far they are very good, and ship fast.  Trying warm white next and then mixing.  Will post when done.

Thanks Cameron / OD

Monday 19 March Update

Running power continuing. Our Mikvah (like a baptistry in a Church) had a major issue requiring redoing the water-holding portion. This little extra surprise has taken a lot of time away.

In between the above efforts have been continuing with the running of power to the train room. To-date had been using 2 heavy duty extension cords. Son helped me for 3 hours and we have the wires (3 20 amp) run from house to the Train Room. Enclosed in 3/4" conduit. Will have complete to the room with the addition of 2 more 10' lengths. Will then begin wiring in the room.

The pollen count in Atlanta hit over 9000 today for a record, so any outside work is very difficult. Spring is here and temp is running in the low 80's. The wiring will allow not only lights & train power but a small heat pump.

Hopefully this week can cut in the power to the breaker box.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thursday Update

Finally got a little time to work on layout. Had counseling this week. While I love helping people it takes a lot of time and is emotionally draining. I read some where that those helping others in life crisis figuratively die a little with each crisis. I am beginning to glimpse what they meant by that statement. When it succeeds it is very rewarding, when it does not there is a real sense of loss.

My son helped me and we finished clearing the trash from demolishing the old layout. Filled 2 wardrobe packing boxes with little stuff and have more longer boards to get rid of. Disposal is something I did not think about much to my regret.

We then concentrated on wiring the train shed. Running 3 20 amp lines about 60 feet in grey plastic electrical conduit. Plan is for 1 20 amp circuit to be lighting (plus a plug or two). Second 20 amp to be track power and accessories (turn-outs, building lighting). Third circuit to be isolated for a heat-pump.

The 3 decks fit in a 12 x 22 space so the portable heat-pump should be acceptable. I did choose LED & CFL's to help with heat and make sure 1 20 amp could handle. On lighting it looks like about 80 lights at 14w so total of 1120 watts. Led's are looking at 24w per string with 12 strings adding 288 watts. Safely within the combined wattage of 1400 watts.

I believe power loss <5% with 12g wire so should not be an issue. All circuits could have been 15 amp 14g but it would be right on the edge.

Hope to work on it more Sunday morning. Time will be limited though as we have to install some ceramic tile and have counseling in the evening.

Question, is heat in the conduit from the wire an issue? Ran 2 sets of std 12 g housing grade wire NMB 12-3 in one conduit. Hope it is not a problem.

Thanks Cameron \ OD

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend 11 March

Little Progress (a couple of switches), spent all Sunday taking out the old Layout. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Thursday Progress

Made the lift-out for deck 1 between Smelter and Golden.  First one I tried, so learning curve.

I wanted to make sure it matched up to ensure smooth operations.

Started by making a lip on the golden side, extends about 2 inches.  Had a piece of L-girder and used it.

Then added lip to the Smelter side.

Then cut plywood to fit.  Took extra care to make sure fits tight and only goes one way.

Here is the plywood fitted in place.  Once tested it slipped in to place and did not move.

 Added the Blackboard and then fitted track, left 1" overhang on both sides to ensure smooth transition.  Fitted so track joiners can be slipped on one side to remove.  Tested transition on both sides to ensure proper function.

All in all works well.  Not as fancy as a hinged would be.  Will try one of those when I go to make the ramp from Idaho Springs to Georgetown.

Thanks Cameron \ OD

Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Progress 5 March

We had a really busy week with Purim approaching and a new Baby born to David Bugg's Son.  We went to the Purim parade so only able to work 3-4 hours Sunday and another 1-2 after work on Monday.  On Sunday my wife helped me and we added another 6-7 light fixtures.

Here is right wall.

Here is left / Front corner where bridge to Golden goes.


Here is the location of the Smelter, the mainline with turn-outs are going in.  Used FasTracks idea of using a jeweler  saw to cut gaps on frogs, much better than a dremel.

Monday I completed Deck 1 lighting (all except middle peninsula which will be LED).

"Golden gets lighting, citizens demand train and buildings."  Here is the completed lighting at Golden.  Starting to layout track to verify plan.

 All in all good progress considering all that was going on.