Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lighting update

Been experimenting with lighting.  The 14w / 60w equivalent CFL's work well when 20" between decks but up the middle peninsula where only 11-14" the bulbs are too big.  I had posted some 300 led photos and they were dim.  Ordered the 600 led lighting strips and have some side by side comparisons.

Image 1 is 300 leds / 5m, or approx 18 per foot, bright white.  Image 2 is 600 led / 5 m, or approx 37 per foot.  I think the difference is easy to see.  Good news, the 600 leds is only about 50% more that the 300's so much cheaper to buy.  Same supplier on evil bay (e-bay).  So far they are very good, and ship fast.  Trying warm white next and then mixing.  Will post when done.

Thanks Cameron / OD

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