Friday, March 9, 2012

Thursday Progress

Made the lift-out for deck 1 between Smelter and Golden.  First one I tried, so learning curve.

I wanted to make sure it matched up to ensure smooth operations.

Started by making a lip on the golden side, extends about 2 inches.  Had a piece of L-girder and used it.

Then added lip to the Smelter side.

Then cut plywood to fit.  Took extra care to make sure fits tight and only goes one way.

Here is the plywood fitted in place.  Once tested it slipped in to place and did not move.

 Added the Blackboard and then fitted track, left 1" overhang on both sides to ensure smooth transition.  Fitted so track joiners can be slipped on one side to remove.  Tested transition on both sides to ensure proper function.

All in all works well.  Not as fancy as a hinged would be.  Will try one of those when I go to make the ramp from Idaho Springs to Georgetown.

Thanks Cameron \ OD

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