Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday 25 March Update

Got the Mikvah working so was able to work on the DGCC today for about 5 hours.

Not alot of eye candy.  Took 3 pictures of wiring then proceeded to dump my iphone into the Mikvah I had just installed plumbing in!  Drat, hate to see what they will charge for that, bummer!

Completed the wiring to the building and cut in 3 20 amp circuits.  Wired up 1 receptacle on each circuit to test and all work well.  Not one shock (only a cut finger) so did pretty good.  Don't like adding circuits.  1 circuit is lighting, one track power with 4 added receptacles for tools, and final is for small AC / Heat-pump.

Began installing the Bus for the DCC, got about 60% of 1 deck done, using 12g stranded with max length < 40 ft.  Running a core set of wires to each deck then going out from there to limit run.  Going to go back and install blocks when needed.

Thats it for now.

Thanks Cameron / OD

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