Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday Update and more LED lighting

Wednesday Update and more LED lighting

Middle of week, got 2 electrical circuits completed with all receptacles in place. Leaves only the Layout lighting to complete. Turned out to be a big job with 60 foot of conduit x2 run and all 3 circuits in box. The Train power circuit has 6 receptacles, all nice 20 amp with metal covers. The A/C circuit has 2 20 amp receptacles.

Not exciting, but necessary, wired 9 of these on the 3 circuits so far.

Lighting circuit currently has just 1 20 amp receptacle. Will add a outside receptacle off that circuit, an outside light, the over head lights and 3 dimmers 1 for each deck. To keep it consist ant I may run a receptacle to the middle peninsula to power the LED lighting.

Got another 600 5 meter LED strand this time warm white. Gives a more yellowish cast and produces less light than bright white. Here are shots to compare:

Here is the Warm White 600 LED

Here is the bright white 600 LED

The warm white looks much dimmer to me. Going to try and play with coloring behind bright white LED to see if it helps shift color.

Here is warm white with an unlettered BlackStone c-19.

Depending how color test goes it looks like brite white 600 LED with a warm white 300 LED will be the best choice of light level and color.

Tonight hope to move the portable A/C heat pump combo into train building.


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