Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday 30 March 2014 Update

Finally some layout progress. Began installing some of the 36" and 24" gauge track in North Black Hawk.

Dual-gauge 24"/36". Modeling by adding a third rail to ME Code 55 Flex track. Ore Car is a Railways Recollections HON30 modified to use 24" gauge wheels. Height had to be adjusted. Still experimenting.

24" Gauge being laid into warming house (front) and next to engine house to begin climbing to switch-back. I use a HON2 Jig to make 3 foot sections with PCB ties, then fasten second rail using a Z-scale gauge.

At engine house. Plan to make a hidden wye underneath Idaho Springs curve to Georgetown to allow a locomotive reverse.

Cleared deck 2 Black Hawk and put down base color to seal black board. Will begin laying out buildings this week.

Thanks Cameron

Beaver Brook Update

Ok fixed the pitch & end window. Thanks to folks for pointing that out. Testing on door convinced me to leave as is. Redrew 6" shorter and with a figure there it looks too short.

Started Trying a new method, mounted to plexiglass. Once dry I'll get a few pictures.

Thanks Cameron

Monday, March 24, 2014

What new on the workbench

What new on the workbench

Working on track and turn-outs in z scale (hand-laying, trying without a jig due to tie sizes and intervals being HON2, not Z, but needing Z scale rail spacing (using z scale trucks and chassis)). Slow going so needed to begin work on some other pressing projects.

The Clear Creek Canyon is by far the most complete section of the layout and want to use if for my AP certificate. One area needing some more detail work is Beaver Brook. The bridge and flume area is in pretty good shape but need to complete the Pavilion, Station and Water tank so they can be bedded into the landscape before final detailing.

Some issues I facing is I have not found any plans for the Station House (existed roughly 1870-1895). Inquired amongst my mentor and they versed me on how to make plans from drawings. So this was my first step. No full view pictures of the front or back were available so I used several partials to put the pieces together.

Pictures of original are at:

Here is the plan derived from pictures. A little concerned doors might be a little too tall.

The plan is then cut-out and mounted on matte board. Will then cut out doors and windows, mount boards and add batten. You can then cut out window rough openings and file to fit.

Thanks for looking - Cameron

Thursday, March 13, 2014

On to the Gilpin Tramway

Found Joe Crea's plans for the Polar Star Mill in Narrow Gauge Gazette. Really like the structure. So copied plans, mounted on matte board as a mock-up and out to the layout to "make it fit"

So here is the front view of the Polar Star. The coolest section is the back, tempted to turn it around. Not seen is the covered 2' gauge track on a trestle with a wagon unloading area underneath which is the back side.

This is my first go at laying the major parts out. I had drawn in a rough plan but find using the cork roadbed helps me visualize better. That along with mock-ups and an occasion box of nails lets me see relationship and clearances. I suspect reason cork helps is it disciplines me to what clearances.

Here is an overview shot. Aong with next shot showed the left side was really tight and the right side pretty bare. Solution, shift all to right.

Right side, Masonite-type board is a stand-in for the backdrop that will be there. On the other side is Idaho Springs. You can see switch-back to rear. Made some more tweaks and added a "mock-up" of the warming house which will be in the front. Toying with idea of leaving side open like Hakan did on his station so you can see inside.

Gilpin Engine house (old barn) mocked up with a box of nails. Have Keith Pashna's plans from the Gazette, plan to mock-up like Polar Star but need more matte board. Invoking rule 1 with the large piece of wood in front. Water was in the engine house, but wanted to include some FSM builds, so water and coal sheds will go here. Small piece of wood in back will be car shed. Shows in 1898 & I believe 1900 Sanborn map. My date is 1907 so hopefully close enough (one of the last years Gilpin and C&S still profitable and Mr. Trumball (spelling?) was still president)

Here is the left side cleaned-up some. Hard to see but the double cork roadbed is the HON3 line and the single is the HON2 line. The HON3 portion only goes in front of the Polar Star mill and a ore chute where the Gilpin can empty into C&S coal cars. From there we hit end of 3 ft narrow gauge. To the back there is 2 Gilpin spurs, one goes behind building to drop ore to mill and the front one goes to ore chute for C&S. All will be raised on trestle. The Switch-back is behind those.

Final 2 overview shots to give general feel. The iron bars will be hidden by buildings, smoke stacks, or similar.

Last shot showing left side. Big open space had another mill in real life so I will try and build one there also.

So at this rate it will take me about 25 years to build all the buildings on this monster. Hope mock-ups are ok cause they will be there for a long time.

Thanks Cameron

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Coal House Update

Work has gotten to be more challenging, so not as much time to work on the build.

Added coal over foam to interior.

Construction paper over the wood planking

Pre-distressed roof test fitted

Distressed roof after hard Colorado winter (Layout is set in early spring 1907). Wanted planking to show where wind had ripped tar paper loose.

Wagon side of weathered structure

Track side of weathered structure.

Weathering is an area I have a lot to learn. Hope it is acceptable. Structure is 100% scratch-built.

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Switch-back Update

Sunday Update

Spent 4 hours on the switch-back. My son helped and we made some good progress.

Started by making each leg (8' 1x2) into a T with a High grade 1x2 attached to a regular grade 1x2 glued and screwed together.

We then cut each to fit and built the transition platform on each end. Lastly we added some cardboard webbing to support plaster cloth and retaining walls.

Right side with extreme right behind Idaho Springs turn to go up to Georgetown.

Left side in Black Hawk. In-front will be the Polar Star Mill and C&S Transfer.

The entire switch-back just about ready. Little more work on left side and we will begin putting in plaster cloth and retaining walls. Will lay track after to protect it.

Once this is done I can mock-up buildings and return to Idaho Springs area to finish track.

Thanks Cameron