Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Switch-back Update

Sunday Update

Spent 4 hours on the switch-back. My son helped and we made some good progress.

Started by making each leg (8' 1x2) into a T with a High grade 1x2 attached to a regular grade 1x2 glued and screwed together.

We then cut each to fit and built the transition platform on each end. Lastly we added some cardboard webbing to support plaster cloth and retaining walls.

Right side with extreme right behind Idaho Springs turn to go up to Georgetown.

Left side in Black Hawk. In-front will be the Polar Star Mill and C&S Transfer.

The entire switch-back just about ready. Little more work on left side and we will begin putting in plaster cloth and retaining walls. Will lay track after to protect it.

Once this is done I can mock-up buildings and return to Idaho Springs area to finish track.

Thanks Cameron

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