Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday 30 March 2014 Update

Finally some layout progress. Began installing some of the 36" and 24" gauge track in North Black Hawk.

Dual-gauge 24"/36". Modeling by adding a third rail to ME Code 55 Flex track. Ore Car is a Railways Recollections HON30 modified to use 24" gauge wheels. Height had to be adjusted. Still experimenting.

24" Gauge being laid into warming house (front) and next to engine house to begin climbing to switch-back. I use a HON2 Jig to make 3 foot sections with PCB ties, then fasten second rail using a Z-scale gauge.

At engine house. Plan to make a hidden wye underneath Idaho Springs curve to Georgetown to allow a locomotive reverse.

Cleared deck 2 Black Hawk and put down base color to seal black board. Will begin laying out buildings this week.

Thanks Cameron

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