Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday Update

Wednesday Update

Going to try and work last two days into one post. Birthday was Monday so we went to my favorite place, a Sushi Restaurant, that knows what we can and cannot eat. Ate myself into a Sushi Stupor.

Had about 6 hours on Monday and 7 yesterday so tackled some tough areas:
1. The problem turn.
2. Area from Forks Creek towards Black Hawk.
3. Magpie toward Golden
4. Some more Deck 1 work on creek
5. Tweaked water, lowered tunnel and worked on Beaver Brook

The Problem Turn

Got some good advice and decided to proceed with recessed wall. Barkeep over in HON3Chat recommended a rock casting around support, that turned out nice. Used wrecking saw to remove more of brace.

Sort of a work in progress photo, rock work temporarily in back.

This is the new scene, still needs more detail, a little more dirt and rock and the trees added on right to blend the recessed wall with the foreground wall. LED's added 300 per 5m x2 bright white and warm white. Note vertical brace on left now hidden by rock work.

All in all pretty happy with the result. Will snap a picture when all rock, water and trees added.

Area from Forks Creek towards Black Hawk
This area will require a good bit of work, lots of rock work, a foreground mountain and the track work & water. Thinking of using fascia like a picture frame here on right corner to give impression of more distance to Black Hawk.

First shot is the beginning of the rock work. Creek cut in. The beginnings of foreground mountain seen on right. Left it cardboard web only so I could work around it. Once in work in back will not be so easy.

More progress. Back rock work progressing slowly. This is going to require probably a dozen casting on back and more on foreground.

All in all, slow going. I hope the foreground mountain will reinforce the narrowness of the canyon and add a feeling of distance with tracks going behind it. With the fascia forming a shadow box type effect hoping the 4 sq ft "lost" in the corner can be made to look natural.

Magpie toward Golden

This section is progressing rapidly, not near as much rock work as about. Will have to re-lay tracks into Golden. Going to try attaching feeders under rail, if it works well will hopefully result not only in better looks, but eliminate a spot were solder can interfere with trains if overdone. One turn-out to install with a spur to the Black Diamond coal mine.

Working downgrade from Magpie, turn towards Golden.

Working through mouth of canyon, creek behind track.

Future home of the Black Diamond coal mine. To right will be water tank and station. Golden proper will be to right of station against wall.

This section is not real challenging but should make a good foreground scene. Coal mine should generate a few Gondola's worth of traffic going up & down the creek to the smelters and mines.

Some more Deck 1 work on creek

Deck 1 progressing. Getting dirt and rocks in and adding any needed detail painting. Water getting real close. Since I think I have my formula for water I will pour soon. Out of Enviro-tex, Scenic Express has some water material on sale, may try it.

Creek on Chimney Gulch side of layout. Adding rock and dry fitted retaining wall. Lots of dirt to add at odd angles so slow going.

Turn in creek.

Deck 1 is getting close to water and detailing. Looking forward to that.

Tweaked water, lowered tunnel and worked on Beaver Brook

So took some input from folks and made a few changes.

First the final water formula: A matte only picture first, then 2 pictures of matte with just a little gloss gel to add some sparkle.

Matte Only. Close, missing something.

Shot 1 a little gloss get added over matte to add a sparkle.

Final shot showing water with sparkle.

Finally satisfied with water, looks like flowing, not too clear, sparkles without being shiny.

Lowered Tunnel

I was really nervous on this one. I liked the scene, but agree tunnel was too tall. Pulled tunnel, lowered, put back in (still in progress). While at it put liners in so you don't see any thing unwanted in tunnel.

First shot head-on. Still needs to be blended in with scenery.

2-8-2 Mike creeping out of tunnel, to left is old road bed with rock slide.

Beaver Brook

This is just a simple update shot of platforms bedded into scenery.


Good couple of days. Hopefully will get a few more before holidays are over.

Thanks Cameron

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Update

Sunday Update

Today was day 1 of 3 for modeling. Went in several directions: Continues tweaking scenery and water (more of a fill-in activity), Continued working on the problem curve (slow going), Working on Magpie and moving downgrade to Golden, moving upgrade from Forks Creek to Black Hawk and working on Beaver Brook.

Beaver Brook platforms rebuilt and put in-place, much better.

Turn-out to Beaver Brook, added sculpt-a-mold to level track and plant platform.

Here is the downgrade turn at Magpie, cutting creek out and adding plaster cloth.

At the other end, going upgrade from Forks Creek to Black Hawk. Having a rough time with large mold. Tried to pour in 2 settings but second I had let sit too long.

Tweak of water on deck 2. I think it looks like moving now, not sure yet.

That's it for today, hopefully tomorrow will make more progress.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Update

Friday Update

Been doing some testing and work on the curve.

Testing fit of new Beaver Brook deck.

New Beaver Brook deck with rails added. Will add handrails once in-place and rough work behind done.

Matte gel brushed on lightly for turbulence.

Test of gloss gel, it is transparent and holds shape, will see if I can tone down gloss some. Makes water look like it is moving.

Static grass test, left is spring, right is mixed. Right looks too bright to me. Will have to spend some time figuring out density, right now too thick of coverage.

Large Rock casting to slide behind problem curve.

Large casting in-place, working on spacing and support while coloring rock.

Thats about it. Have 3 days of modeling Sun-Tue so hopefully some progress to report next week.

Thanks Cameron - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Problem Solution - Potietial Solution

Potential Solution to curve.

I mentioned a problem area on the curve as the brace would show. After some thinking about it I began trying to fix it.

Before: Note horizontal brace up top and going down on left side of track.

Cut support with jig saw and hand saw, tight fit. Secured electrical wiring up out of way. Painted cut-down horizontal and vertical flat brown. Makes a difference.

With flash showing rock casting temporarily fitted to see how it would look. Plan to make it longer and have it slide out to reach track. Will place trees to right to hide gap and to left to hide vertical post. Painted Black board and added dirt and rock.

Same shot no flash will determine how to light, probably a short led string. Will need to be careful, too much light will spoil the illusion.

So far looks like it should work.

Thanks Cameron

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday Update

Sunday Update

While waiting for water modeling to be evaluated, worked on Deck 1. Most time spent blending colors for deck 1 front. Then added rock and dirt, retaining wall and prep for water.

Rock work blended.

Bridge deck temporarily in-place with retaining walls. Dirt work begun.

The curve to Beaver Brook. This is where some serious camouflage will be needed, details below.

Huntsman with dirt added. Mine will be just upgrade at spur. A hole is cut for tunnel and a short tunnel section prepared to glue behind wall. Will light and put mirror at end to make it look deeper (if visible, mine \ mill may hide.

Bridge area again with dirt and rocks added.

Curve up to Beaver Brook. The cardboard is holding retaining wall in-place while glue dries.

The curve is a area that will need work to hide bracing and wires. Thinking about making a recessed canyon wall set back from casting on right. Put new brace behind right casting and cutting brace showing above. The gap can be covered I hope with some cottonwood trees. Any thoughts?

Some good progress. Once dirt ready will start adding some ground cover and thinking about some static spring grass.

To put in prospective this is a 18" by 13' section, or 1/2 size of deck 2. The back half of deck 1 were shown before, that is where Tough Cuss Pass is.

Thanks Cameron

Water evaluation - Please comment!

Water evaluation - Please comment!

Spent last 2 weeks tweaking water. Used pictures taken by Tim and BHI + a good video - The Color of Water in Silverton -- Animas River Cleanup Day 2006

Used a combination of techniques and built-up in 4-5 layers. Rapids are silicon Chalk highlighted with titanium White. Used Enviro-tex tinted with green paint and brushed on 2+ layers. Added white highlights and Matte Medium to cut reflection and made the little eddies in the flow.

The idea is to model Creek at a high water level flowing fast during spring snow melt (April - May).

Here is the result. Please give honest feedback if I need to add or change something.

Downgrade from Forks Creek.

Elks Creek Bridge floor (sides being built).

180 degree turn between Beaver Brook and Elks Creek.

Just downgrade from Beaver Brook.

Downgrade Beaver Brook looking to new tunnel.

Looking straight down to show colors.

Please let me know if I need to do anything else. Working on Deck 1 and will be doing water soon so want to make sure I have the right look before doing another 38 linear feet of creek.

Thanks Cameron

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wednesday Update

Wednesday Update

Not a lot of progress to show. Just wanted to share a highlight or two.

2-8-0 ekes it's way through Tough Cuss Pass. Tight fit.

This is a 2-8-2 leased from the D&RGW barely clearing the pass.

This is a milestone as it is the first test after rock work put in the pass. While a lot of detail still needed, this was a moment to remember.

Thanks Cameron

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tuesday Update

Tuesday Update

Just a picture of the new bridge and more tweaking water.

Forks Creek Bridge in-place.

Side look of bridge. Added some detail and toned down the rust.


Looking upgrade, adding tint to resin to darken color. Having to also add more rapids to act as dams for resin. Will add Matte once color is right.

Moving ahead slowly.

Thanks Cameron