Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday Update

Sunday Update

Ok if you thought the rust was overdone on the bridge, I agree, now to tone it down.

Spent a good bit of time working on yet more details:

Trees were mentioned a while back. Consulted my photo's and my mentor is local to Golden so added some "cottonwood" trees which grow close to water. Since anything big was usually cut I left then small. Construction was based on Joe Fugate's method. Uses SuperTrees from Scenic Express. Soak in matt medium to make stronger. Spray painted brown. Used hairspray to attach foliage. Easy and I like the branch structure. Joe spray paints his foliage, I did not as I used a light green material.

2-8-0 entering the treed area

More cottonwoods by culverts.

Some super detail, 4 fish in resin around log. Will add 1-2 boys fishing there.

Added some other detail, snake sunning, snake after frog. Will continue to add little details for people to see to be drawn into the scene.

Completed 2 foreground rock castings on deck 1.  Thats about it, had to run to the hobby shop (TrainMasters) which is a about 25 miles away to swap some defective paint sticks and pickup a piece of HO test track for trolley. While there picked up a Bachmann trolley for Golden and some scenery flock.

Thanks Cameron

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