Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monday Update

Monday Update

Besides adding more "cotton wood" tress and experimenting with Mod-podge matt to cover water I spent most of my time on Deck 1 middle peninsula.

More cotton woods around water fall. Needs something as trees look too bare, maybe more undergrowth.

Little people fishing.

Deck 1 final rock work. This is looking upgrade to turn going to Beaver Brook. I really like the foreground rocks as it gives the feel of these narrow canyons and allows the train to weave in and out of view.

Deck 1 final cut just before turn up to Beaver Brook.

Learned a lot from Deck 2 so this is going smoother without as much rework. Once stained, will uncover track and begin doing more testing.

Need to build the bridge then will concentrate on scenery. Since limited height, the view can be quite limited.

Thanks Cameron

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