Sunday, April 29, 2012

Correction to last Sunday post.

Went to Hobby store Thursday and asked about show.  The shop did not open at 11 like I thought but 1.  So I was at fault, not them.

Installed a test Bullfrog turn-out control to test.  Working on Elk Creek siding and planning to include a waterfall from spring snow melt.

Thanks Cameron

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Update

Got a good bit done even though only had about 4 hours to work.

1. Wire Buss to Deck 1 and Middle Peninsula Deck 1 left side.
2. Install 600 led lighting and multi-light power supply
3. Plaster creek and mountains on same left side Deck 1 middle peninsula.

Made a trip to local Hobby shop (about 25 miles) only to find they were closed for a train show. Wish they had noted that on the sales flyer the emailed me, 50 miles is a lot of wasted gas. Did get to go to Home Depot and Lowes to get wiring for new led light power supply and grout to test for ballast, see last post). Also made first partial run up Clear Creek Canyon with a 2-8-0. Found a loose turn-out rail, weird as it appears to actually have stripped copper of PCB. So only got to go 3/4's of the way around (about 10').

Here is the 600 led lighting in the canyon using a Micro-trains reefer for color testing. Brightness ok, color a little blue, may tint.

This is the canyon where Mother Grundy and Beaver Brook is to be built. I am making the mountain and little side valley to support Beaver Brook as it was pre-1900 even though I am modeling 1916-17. Using Rule #1 (LOL). The flat area on right of picture in front is location of pavilion at Beaver Brook.

All said and done, pleased with results. Have a lot more work to do but enjoy scenery so it gives me one more avenue for expression.

Thanks Cameron

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Big Thanks to Harsco and his wonderful post on his massive layout. I was really intrigued by his discussion on using Grout for Ballast & Scenery.

I really like zip texturing for most dirt using info from Model Railroad Hobbyist e-zine. So was mainly focusing on the Ballast. So off to Lowes to pick-up some Spectraloc Grout.

this is the box from Lowes.

These are the colors I started with under 600 led per 5 m lighting.

This is with added T5 cfl.

Very interested in giving this ago. It is silica sand and I will test carefully, but the grain size is really nice. Hope it works out, Price is right about $4 per 1 Quart.

Thanks Cameron

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good Sunday

Good Sunday

Got a solid 7 hours in today and made good progress. All creeks cut out and 3/4 are rough plastered in. My wife cut card-board strips for me and soldered drop wires, that helped a lot. Concentrated on roughing in mountains for Beaver Brook area. Starting to see what it will look like.

Looking upgrade where Tough Cush pass will go.

Looking downgrade from Beaver Brook.

Looking downgrade from Chimney Gulch.

Rounding the corner showing both level 1 & 2 of the middle peninsula.

Looking downgrade deck 1.

Deck 1 bend.

Last turn to Forks Creek.

Thanks Cameron / OD

Change of focus - Friday

Change of focus - Friday

Getting a little burned out building turn-outs. So switching to cutting out the creek bed and making the creek for the middle peninsula. Used a cookie cutter approach then marked creek after determining track placement. Works good to make sure all works, but cutting it out in place is tedious.

Here are some photos:

Looking upgrade along the creek.

Looking downgrade.

This is the Elk's Creek section.

Thanks Cameron / OD

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Progress

Thursday Lots of Progress!

Took 2 days off work, got a lot of work on Golden track done. Mainline from Denver to just short of Forks Creek now done!

Had several recommendations to reinforce the lift-out. So added 1x4 on both sides.

Here is an overview of the front wall where Golden goes. All ML turn-outs are in-place.

Here is the turn-outs for Coors and yard.

Close-up of Turn-outs for yard, coal spur and trolley.

This is the future Golden engine facility, ML goes to Clear Creek Canyon.

All in all a good day. Need 2 more turn-outs to get to Forks Creek. Will begin cutting in creek bed this weekend.

Thanks Cameron / OD

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Progress!

Wednesday Progress!

Laid track on the middle peninsula. The hand-laid turn-outs are working pretty well. Put a mine left-over from old layout to see how it would look there.

Here is the mine set in-place with new laid track. Thinking about adding turn-out to allow leaving gondola's in-place.

This is the track to Golden in-place.

Thanks Cameron

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Update

Monday Update

With all the Holy Days this week only managed to work on layout Monday. Took day off work and got in about 3-4 hours.

Completed installing 2 dimmer circuits, the third one is not working, not sure if it is the voltage drop or not. Reading 105 volts off the third dimmer feed wires. Wired dimmers on a common source which is 120v 20 amp coming off a dedicated 20 amp circuit. The source has a 20 amp on/off switch in-line so I can cut power in Train Shed.

Any ideas?

To switch gears I worked on cutting out the creek on the Middle Peninsula Deck 1 & 2. Then temporarily laid out track on deck 1 to see how it looked. Still need 1 LH switch to complete track on this level. Hope to build tomorrow. Pretty slow making switches takes me over an hour per switch.

This is beginning of the open helix middle peninsula. Goes from Golden into the Clear Creek Canyon. This is a temporary "stand-in" for Magpie section house.

Pardon the rag, was trying to visualize the large rock at tough-cuss pass in Clear Creek Canyon. Created a narrow opening that the C&S ran their track through.

This is the passing track along the creek, there were several and I wanted one per level aid operations.

This is deck 2 of the middle peninsula. This section is prime scenery as it will be along here that Mother Grundy, etc. will be modeled.

The Clear Creek will drop down roughly 1" (about 8 scale feet) allowing the famous dry fit retaining walls to be used as desired. Plan on attaching thin plywood to bottom of sub-roadbed using spacers as need to match pictures of specific area. most spots look to be a little over person height, but many are much deeper, up to 20'. Since am modeling spring after thaw the creek will be high and moving rapidly.

Thanks Cameron / OD

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Arrival PFM 2-6-0

This is a C&S mogul that was re-lettered for a private road. Looks nice, only 2 minor flaws, broken dummy coupler in front and a loose bell cord. Should not be hard to fix. Use Sergent's couplers so would want to swap anyway.

Runs pretty poorly forward and ok backward. Has a tender drive. Lubed gears and pins. Plan is to add DCC, new can motor and lighted classification lights and marker lights. Loco doc has a remotoring kit for $120. Pricey but he has an excellent reputation.

Matches #9 and hopefully once both converted I'll have all the Moguls I need.

Thanks Cameron

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More fun - adding small 4th deck!

Well, 3 decks just weren't enough !

Wanted to add Waldorf and Mt McClellan to give the Tram and Shay a place to run too. With almost 8 ft of run I can get 6+ inches of raise to simulate going up the Mtn.

Want to make the Tram working to add animation. Here is the plan.

Thanks Cameron / OD

Sunday, April 1, 2012

DG&CC Logo Ideas

Here is a simple logo we came up with.  What do you think?

Sunday 31 March Update - More Wiring

Sunday update.

Only got about 4 hours work in Sunday. Concentrated on completing electrical work on the building.

Here is the master lighting and cut-offs. Wired a cut-off for all deck lighting, box above is where each dimmers will go. Other switches are for room lights and outside light.

Since the Train Building was a storage shed I had to insulate and just added the portable AC. This is a pretty cool unit, heats and cools and functions as a heat pump. Installed under the middle peninsula to ensure good cooling, exhaust vent has straight rung through wall. Uses the 20am dedicated circuit we installed.

Hope to knock the Dimmers out tomorrow after work. Then back to track-work.

Thanks Cameron