Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Update

Monday Update

With all the Holy Days this week only managed to work on layout Monday. Took day off work and got in about 3-4 hours.

Completed installing 2 dimmer circuits, the third one is not working, not sure if it is the voltage drop or not. Reading 105 volts off the third dimmer feed wires. Wired dimmers on a common source which is 120v 20 amp coming off a dedicated 20 amp circuit. The source has a 20 amp on/off switch in-line so I can cut power in Train Shed.

Any ideas?

To switch gears I worked on cutting out the creek on the Middle Peninsula Deck 1 & 2. Then temporarily laid out track on deck 1 to see how it looked. Still need 1 LH switch to complete track on this level. Hope to build tomorrow. Pretty slow making switches takes me over an hour per switch.

This is beginning of the open helix middle peninsula. Goes from Golden into the Clear Creek Canyon. This is a temporary "stand-in" for Magpie section house.

Pardon the rag, was trying to visualize the large rock at tough-cuss pass in Clear Creek Canyon. Created a narrow opening that the C&S ran their track through.

This is the passing track along the creek, there were several and I wanted one per level aid operations.

This is deck 2 of the middle peninsula. This section is prime scenery as it will be along here that Mother Grundy, etc. will be modeled.

The Clear Creek will drop down roughly 1" (about 8 scale feet) allowing the famous dry fit retaining walls to be used as desired. Plan on attaching thin plywood to bottom of sub-roadbed using spacers as need to match pictures of specific area. most spots look to be a little over person height, but many are much deeper, up to 20'. Since am modeling spring after thaw the creek will be high and moving rapidly.

Thanks Cameron / OD

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