Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Update

Got a good bit done even though only had about 4 hours to work.

1. Wire Buss to Deck 1 and Middle Peninsula Deck 1 left side.
2. Install 600 led lighting and multi-light power supply
3. Plaster creek and mountains on same left side Deck 1 middle peninsula.

Made a trip to local Hobby shop (about 25 miles) only to find they were closed for a train show. Wish they had noted that on the sales flyer the emailed me, 50 miles is a lot of wasted gas. Did get to go to Home Depot and Lowes to get wiring for new led light power supply and grout to test for ballast, see last post). Also made first partial run up Clear Creek Canyon with a 2-8-0. Found a loose turn-out rail, weird as it appears to actually have stripped copper of PCB. So only got to go 3/4's of the way around (about 10').

Here is the 600 led lighting in the canyon using a Micro-trains reefer for color testing. Brightness ok, color a little blue, may tint.

This is the canyon where Mother Grundy and Beaver Brook is to be built. I am making the mountain and little side valley to support Beaver Brook as it was pre-1900 even though I am modeling 1916-17. Using Rule #1 (LOL). The flat area on right of picture in front is location of pavilion at Beaver Brook.

All said and done, pleased with results. Have a lot more work to do but enjoy scenery so it gives me one more avenue for expression.

Thanks Cameron

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