Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams Pt 11a

Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams Pt 11a

Combining Thursday night work with Sunday.

Starting off on the South Creek at the new bridge near Argo Mill down stream of Idaho springs.

Here we added silicon caulk do give a ripple effect for highlighting. The lower left also acts as a dam to allow next section to receive one more pour of resin to raise "water" level so they match.

Switching to Forks Creek, this is after the repair on the matte blotting effort. Adding streaks of matte and gloss to suggest flow.

This is the Forks Creek section under the Truss bridge (these bridges are all made removable to make work and cleaning easier. Note Silicon caulk added for the ripples. Here they are more subtle. As a narrow section opens up to a wider section water will slow down if depth is same. So ripples need to be less aggressive.

Switching back to the South Creek Bridge. Here the bridge deck is added to demonstrate final effect. Checking what is seen will help you determine any changes you want at this stage.

This shot is the same spot as above a little closer after silicon caulk has dried. Note the ridges and uneven areas barely visible, these will pop when you highlight.

Next shot is the upstream section from trestle, dams added as need to add more resin.

These 3 photos show the basically completed creek flowing down from South Creek Truss Bridge to Forks Creek trestle. They will continue to be tweaked tell they are "done", but you get the idea.

Now for the critical addition of highlights. Here you can see they are much less than when the 2 creeks merge. Also like at Forks Creek the wider section is less aggressive as the water slows due to width of creek.

Bridge deck in place to visualize the final look.

Final 3 shots show a before and after at critical steps to see the transformation.

Here the creek has the dried matte medium in place.

Highlighting added to silicon caulk shown previously.

Gloss medium added to give sparkle.

That's all for now. Still not totally recovered so don't think I will get anymore done until tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks Cameron

Friday, July 26, 2013

Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams Part 10

Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams Part 10

Getting to the finishing stretch.

Last night moved the ball forward on several fronts.

Here are 4 pictures of the creek with matte in place. Not only does it cut glare; it also establishes flow.

Here is the prepped creek bed ready for resin.

Here is two shots of the resin pours. Note the first one has the bubbles showing. this is where exhaling on it using the paper towel cardboard tube to direct your breath.

Here Gloss is added, the streaks and especially the raised areas will create a little sparkle in the water.

This is the area I tried blotting matte medium on. While used successfully by such notables as Dave Frary on oceans, it does not work (for me at least) on fast moving water. First Picture was an attempt to just add streaks of matte. Did not look right. Second picture is an alternative to using alcohol to remove. Added a light coat of resin using a artists brush. This restores a good bit of the transparency. Once dry you can reapply matte by streaking. Note of caution: This is pretty premenant, so make sure you evaluate whether to remove matte using alcohol or try this method. When in doubt test somewhere will it will not be seen.



Another resin pour on the new part of South Creek, detailing the water with Matte, gloss and highlighting should finish it up.

I do want to add a small post on adding details: snakes, frogs, etc. along with options for sound to enhance to experience and immersion.

Thanks Cameron

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams Part 9

Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams

Part 9

Ok so hoping to begin wrapping this up. Being open and transparent showing things that worked, and did not. I hope that is ok. If you can be informed by my mistakes it seems like a good approach. If anyone wants the smooth no mistakes version, getting the booklet when it comes out will be the best approach.

So here we go:

First this is the mostly finished trestle on the south creek (still needs some details like weathering and NBW's)

Working up stream on the south creek (towards truss bridge and Idaho Springs), the next 3 shots are the creek prepped, dams built, and first pours of resin.

Here is the Truss Bridge about 1/3 complete.

Next 3 shots are of the same sections above with the matte medium added. Important - make sure to streak matte medium with the water flow you want. Also allow thicker streaks ans well as thin, if you put on like your painting to cover evenly it will not produce the variations you want showing flow. Blotting does not work, will show that further below.

With Matte added, it is time to add highlights. A word of caution, as seen before over doing this can cause issues, so go slowly, just a little at a time. You can always add later if you want more flow. I had some feedback on NarrowGaugeChat that it was too much flow. Since I am modeling April-May it is supposed to be high water with a lot of flow, if you are modeling another time with slower flow you will want less highlights. Note: the highlights are the bright white areas, not the duller white matte streaks from before.

Next a quick look at some more prep and first resin pour.

And lastly a avoid this mistake couple of photo's.

First why blotting does not work for rapidly moving water. Note below blotting is too dense obscuring detail and gives no sense of direction flow. Compare to above matte pictures.

Here is another example. In making the dam higher, it created an unnatural lip. Solution in second picture shows addion of 3 rocks and 2 fallen trees swept down stream hiding lip and allowing a more natural look.

Hope to finish up the SBS in the next few days. These are designed to help get you started with the basic steps. Add or delete as you deem appropriate. Rule #1 applies, it's your railroad, do what works for you and enjoy!

Thanks Cameron

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rivers Rapids and Rushing Streams Part 8

Rivers Rapids and Rushing Streams Part 8

Sunday evening update

After returning from the NMRA Train Show was able to spend 4 hours on the layout.

Here is the North Creek bridge. The matte is in place and the highlighted resin really gives a sense of flow.

Here is the merging of the south and north creeks. Still more work around rocks needed and flow lines in the water.

This picture shows why the matte covering is so critical. Envirotex is perfectly flat and reflects like a mirror, even if tinted and the creek bed is painted. Compare to previous shot where there is no reflection.

South Creek

Previous prep work on the Sotuh Creek is completed. After a through cleaning it is time to add the resin. Next 3 photo's shows the new sections.

Here you can see the bubbles clearing after using the paper towel roll tube to exhale over the water (CO2 causes bubbles to come to surface and burst).

Here is the bridge abutment in place and details of the ties and rail in creek.

New Bridge work in place. Once painted and creek bed prepared we can add resin. Putting bridge in fully would complicate adding resin and applying matte & gloss top coat.

Area on North Creek with new trestle 1/2 completed.

Here is the completed bridge (still needs nbw and some weathering)with water rushing under.

Here is the repaired section where the white had to be removed with alcohol.


Partially submerged details can really make for a nice "surprise". In first picture hard to see fish, in close up you can see the outlines.

Hope to get some more done Monday.

Thanks Cameron