Thursday, July 11, 2013

Revisiting creek bed preparation.

Revisiting creek bed preparation.

Looking over the SBB, I did not provide alot of info on creek bed prep. So wanted so show what needs to be done before adding resin for water. Key items are: Painting stream bed, preparing the bank, adding rocks and first caulk to build any needed dams to control resin flow. The dams are key as they block the resin from flowing downhill if you have a slope on creek. Even if no slope they allow you to build waterway in segments.

First Photo shows banks filled in with dirt and rocks. Note if you use zip texturing the resin creep will be especially noticeable. You may have to paint or add a little zip texturing to cover the dark area created on bank.

Next photo shows initial rocks with caulk dam. Shaping is not real important yet, just amke sure you have a good dam with no holes for resin to flow through.

Here Dams in place creating distinct areas tor initial pour of resin. Work up stream creating as many dams as you need. These will also become your major rapids. Height is important to contain pour of resin, but additional can be added for later ours if needed.

Here is showing the connection of the new section to the existing water at Forks Creek. The downstream side dam had to be raised. It had to be worked for the flow since this will be above water level.

This section once dry will have more rock added, some logs added, cleaned, sealed with white or carpenters glue. It will be then ready for first pour.

Hope this helps make this guide more clear.

Thanks Cameron

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