Monday, July 22, 2013

Rivers Rapids and Rushing Streams Part 8

Rivers Rapids and Rushing Streams Part 8

Sunday evening update

After returning from the NMRA Train Show was able to spend 4 hours on the layout.

Here is the North Creek bridge. The matte is in place and the highlighted resin really gives a sense of flow.

Here is the merging of the south and north creeks. Still more work around rocks needed and flow lines in the water.

This picture shows why the matte covering is so critical. Envirotex is perfectly flat and reflects like a mirror, even if tinted and the creek bed is painted. Compare to previous shot where there is no reflection.

South Creek

Previous prep work on the Sotuh Creek is completed. After a through cleaning it is time to add the resin. Next 3 photo's shows the new sections.

Here you can see the bubbles clearing after using the paper towel roll tube to exhale over the water (CO2 causes bubbles to come to surface and burst).

Here is the bridge abutment in place and details of the ties and rail in creek.

New Bridge work in place. Once painted and creek bed prepared we can add resin. Putting bridge in fully would complicate adding resin and applying matte & gloss top coat.

Area on North Creek with new trestle 1/2 completed.

Here is the completed bridge (still needs nbw and some weathering)with water rushing under.

Here is the repaired section where the white had to be removed with alcohol.


Partially submerged details can really make for a nice "surprise". In first picture hard to see fish, in close up you can see the outlines.

Hope to get some more done Monday.

Thanks Cameron

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