Friday, July 19, 2013

Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams Part 7

Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams

Part 7
Got a good 5 hours in Friday. Had been volunteering at the NMRA Convention so first time to work on layout in several days.


I was conflicted on a section of the creek.

Note the foam right by the bank of the creek.

Went and spoke to some of the folks I worked with and got their input. One individual in particular who had experience with the Clear Creek thought the foam by the bank was too much. So today took Denatured Alcohol and removed the foam (high-lighted white titanium acrylic). The alcohol worked great with no damage to underlying resin.

This is the result. Have to reapply the matte Mod-Podge and then the gloss but overall I think a major improvement.

Moral of the story, ask questions from those you respect and be willing to hear their comments. Another set of eyes can really help.

Water under South Forks Creek trestle (Black Hawk Side).

Moving on to the bridges, spent time adding the matte Mod-Podge and gloss gel under bridge.

Here is is still wet. Important to add under any overhanging objects or structures. If you don't it will leave a dead calm section which will look out of place in your stream.

Here is the section where the North Creek and South Creek merge. Remember to add more turbulence when 2 flowing waters meet. As they collide the leave more turbulence.

Here more caulk is added lightly. This should be the final layer which needs to be shaped to represent the rapids flowing over and around the rocks. I use a small brush and tease the caulk to ensure the right look. The raised areas when dried will then the highlighted with white.

More Creek Bed Preparation

Moving to the North Creek (Idaho Springs side) we see the creek bed is dired, sealed and ready to add submerged and partially submerged detail.

Add your dams and any rocks you want for rapids. Shaping of caulk is minimal just to make sure dam will stop the resin when you pour it and securing any rocks. Next to pictures show what was done here. Could not go further upstream as I still need to add bridge abutments before pouring the water.

Adding Details

Adding submerged and partially submerged details before pour if they will go through all layers of resin. Here both fallen trees and discarded ties are secured.

Next added some discarded rail. In the early 1900's ties and rail generally left discarded to side.

The Repaired Creek

So with the creek repairs completed, here are a couple shots of the final look.

Testing a new material

One thing to always be on the look-out for is new materials and techniques that can improve your modeling. Found this string gel at Hobby Lobby. Is transparent and it provides height like caulk but with much more control. This should allow more ripples and waves to water as needed.

Finally a shot of the south trestle. Still needs details and possibly some trimming of timbers.

That's it for today. Sunday hopefully will begin pouring resin in North Creek if I get home from the NMRA Train Show in time.

Thanks Cameron

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