Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams Part 6

Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams

Part - 6

Got a good 6 hours in today. That was good as only limited modeling time rest of week with NMRA National Convention in town.


Today to importance of that key step - reevaluate really became apparent. When reviewing the last photo's I posted it showed some areas needing improvement. Sometimes it is really hard to focus on details and a camera really helps. Another trick that a friend told me about was to use the inner cardboard roll of of toilet paper to look through. This focuses your eye see see detail and not get confused by seeing too much at one time.

Here you can see the submerged rocks are still too distinct, making the water look too shallow.

Here we see the depth was insufficient under the bridge. Picture shows where addition caulk was added to raise the dam to allow more resin to be added.

Once you reevaluate, plan a course of action that corrects the error you observed, hopefully with a minimum of rework. In the above to cases the fix was pretty simple.

Here more caulk is added and tinted resin is poured to add another layer. This will require more highlighting and adding of matte and gloss but it should better convey depth with the rocks being more blurry and distant.

In this picture the extra layer of resin is added and you can see the rock looking more faint and distant. Also note the bubbles in the previous picture. After using our paper towel cardboard center roll to exhale on the resin, the bubbles are now gone. This is important because if these bubbles remain trapped they will remain visible marring your waters look and reality.

Here the resin under the trestle is now deeper and gives a better base to complete the rushing water underneath.

And finally increasing depth on Black Hawk side to give proper color and perceived depth.

Extending the creek bed towards Idaho Springs

An in progress shot on the creek preparation and adding of the trestle abutments to allow pouring of first layer of resin.

This busy photo is showing a lot of activities going on. We talked making sure the base work like creating banks is done before resin. This also includes any near by track work that could damage the finished creek. Here we see cork roadbed begn installed on the blackboard. Also on creek the banks are having dirt, rocks, grass and low plants (weeds) added. I tend to paint on glue, add materials, wet alcohol (used to use wet water but moving to alcohol, just seems to work better). Then I use an eye dropper to add a 50-50 mix of glue and water. I also use matte medium, both seem to work well (matte medium is a mixture of matte medium and water allowed to sit for a week so particulate matter which will leave a white powdery look on scenery can sink to bottom of container. You then pour or siphon off the good material on top). Don't worry too much about glue getting into creek bed. Make sure to remove and plants or rocks that get into the creek bed however.

Bridges and more details

So on to adding more resin up the Idaho Springs side of the creek (south creek). The bridge runners needed to be put in place and the resin added.

Dams for rapids built up and first pour added. Turned out dams had to be made higher to contain the resin.

Here is the beginnings of the north creek (Black Hawk bridge).

A recap picture showing an overview of most of the work done today.

Will need to complete north creek highlighting, matte medium and gloss before I can complete the bridge. The south creek bridge area will need several more pours before it will be ready for highlighting, matte and gloss medium added.

Leaving with a final picture of preparation for track laying at the future site of the Argo Mill.

This will have a siding and a spur with mill being on left side of the picture. The creek will continue on the right side of the tracks.

Thats all for now.

Thanks Cameron

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