Friday, July 26, 2013

Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams Part 10

Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams Part 10

Getting to the finishing stretch.

Last night moved the ball forward on several fronts.

Here are 4 pictures of the creek with matte in place. Not only does it cut glare; it also establishes flow.

Here is the prepped creek bed ready for resin.

Here is two shots of the resin pours. Note the first one has the bubbles showing. this is where exhaling on it using the paper towel cardboard tube to direct your breath.

Here Gloss is added, the streaks and especially the raised areas will create a little sparkle in the water.

This is the area I tried blotting matte medium on. While used successfully by such notables as Dave Frary on oceans, it does not work (for me at least) on fast moving water. First Picture was an attempt to just add streaks of matte. Did not look right. Second picture is an alternative to using alcohol to remove. Added a light coat of resin using a artists brush. This restores a good bit of the transparency. Once dry you can reapply matte by streaking. Note of caution: This is pretty premenant, so make sure you evaluate whether to remove matte using alcohol or try this method. When in doubt test somewhere will it will not be seen.



Another resin pour on the new part of South Creek, detailing the water with Matte, gloss and highlighting should finish it up.

I do want to add a small post on adding details: snakes, frogs, etc. along with options for sound to enhance to experience and immersion.

Thanks Cameron

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