Sunday, July 7, 2013

Good Sunday Morning

Up early wanting to get a few 2 hour work sessions in today. Today will be a big day on rock work and the creek may get another coat, or we may begin the detailing that will make it come alive.

Now for a 'learn from my mistakes' moment. Preparing the creek bed really should be done after all plaster work done, below is a prime reason. sometimes I get excited about a project and get a little ahead of myself. No a huge issue but it will mean touching up the creak bed one more time.

Note nice little bits of soft white plaster on creek bed, these leave a white mark when you remove them. Might be best if I had waited til after plaster work to paint creek bed.

Part 3

First hings first lets look at results:

  • Here testing resin is completely dry. If still wet a little string would lift up when you lift test probe, or you would feel a tug when you tried to lift. Careful now finger prints are hard to hide, so use only some kind of clean pointed object to test.

  • On this picture look at point of xacto knife, see the shiny strip just above the resin. This is creep caused by the capillary action of the resin on the face of the object. Saw a great article on Railroad-line forum on using a light coat of vaseline to prevent this. Joe Fugate in his video's just fixes with scenery or paint. My recommendation is to view the results after all water is done, then experiment. The matte medium we will be using can help, scenery can help, or in some cases, it is not an issue.

  • Now lets see what we have accomplished. In the below picture we see the detail coming though the water but less distinct. This is the effect we are working towards. Note as you go to middle you see darker and no detail, this shows depth. Once we add matte and flow this will become more pronounced, shallow will show rocks, dirt, etc; deep will not.

That's all for now, will update later on hopefully both on the new stream bed by the wall and on this current project.

Thanks Cameron

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