Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rivers, Rapids & Rushing Streams - Pt 5

Part 5

To continue this multi-part saga. It does take time, over several days, but hopefully results are worth it.

  • Re-evaluate - this is key. Before starting new work, look at where you are. Note any needed corrections and determine if you need to correct them.

    Below picture shows rapids right before Black Hawk Trestle. To me they are too flat, even with highlighting. Also height does not allow another pour of resin if desired. Note a bush in the middle of the water, luckily it was loose and easy to remove. If it had been stuck you can remove and then hide with some caulk and then treat as part of rapid, or a rock, nut be careful to make sure rock does not look like it is floating.

    Here caulk is added to add volume and height.

    Using technique shown previously caulk is shaped.

    Moving towards Black Hawk, here you can see the matte gel effect. This kills reflections (big deal if using led's close to surface). It also establishes a subtle flow in the water.

    Further upstream just to show what the results are in each step.

  • Adding Gloss medium. Picture below shows what is used, gloss thick medium and a short brush. This step goes on after matte medium and adds both flow and a slight reflection or sparkly to the top of the water. Use sparingly, with little streaks going with water flow. Hard to see in pictures. Once dry will provide a semi transparent clear streak that catches the light.
    This photo is before gloss gel.

    After addition of gloss gel. Will dry clear. Sparkle not apparent until after dried.

That is Step 5, let dry and come back in a day and evaluate. Step 6 in a day or so. Hope this is useful to someone.

Thanks Cameron

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