Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday - Rivers Rapids and Rushing Streams

Sunday - Rivers Rapids and Rushing Streams

Part 4

Got a good bit done. The third coat was dry so on tho details:

  • Added Rapids to act as dam below trestle on creek.

  • Now comes the "Secret Sauce" - these 3 products are used to reduce the glare and flat look of the water, create little eddies in the flow and lastly to add a touch of sparkle back. Short stiff brushes are preferred as you more dry brush / Highlight that paint. You want the lines running with the water path around rocks and other objects. This will establish the flow. Begin with Matte Mod-Podge, it is thin and mainly cuts glare.

  • Next we highlight rapids with titanium white. This is a dry brush technique. If you mess up it will wipe off if your gentle. Make sure lines follow flow of water. This is what really gives the movement impression so go light at first and add more as needed.

  • Now to fine tune some more. Some of the rapids were not full as I wanted so went back and added more caulk.



Time to Let it dry and hopefully revisit tomorrow evening after work. Hope this is useful information.

Thanks Cameron

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