Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quick Update

Quick Update:

Been working on a 1:1 scale wall so layout time somewhat curtailed. Did get a good 5 hours to work on West Denver.

West Denver has a Jewish section along the Trolley line and fairly close to the C&S tracks. This is looking upgrade. Tracks are being laid with a nice yard that will service 4 FSM kits: Jacobs Coal, Avrams Bakery, Flour Mill and Butcher Way.

This is the downgrade view. Street is going to be cobblestone or brick. Trolley is HO std gauge. Buildings are just set in-place for spacing. Added the coal gondola, c-19 and trolley to help show a sketch of what it will look like.

I am seriously thinking on including Bar Mills Booty Corner store (wood planking 3 story kit) and with maybe a house (Ronald Reagan's boyhood home is a candidate). Kits have to either be shallow to cut to fit depth.

Would wood kits on the side work here do you think?

Also trying to pick a structure for the trolley to run behind and stop to simulate it going both to Denver and upgrade to Golden. Maybe a billboard would work.

Golden has a matching n-scale trolley (forced prospective)that will also hide to make trolly line appear to service entire area.

Laying that many turn-outs is very time consuming so that is about all I have done in a week.

Thanks Cameron

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wow - been over a year

Just realized it has been over a year since beginning the new layout.  Total length is 273 ft of bench work + staging with about 30' + of track laid + staging.  About 60' has most of scenery in though lots of details to go.  So this adventure is shaping out to be a 10 year project.

Thanks Cameron

Tuesday 12-Feb-2013 Update

Update - Turntable

Finally got the power supply in and after testing to ensure voltage (15 VDC) began install.

First step was running the Buss. I use 12g multi-strand wire. Using a tree with Buss from center, it runs right and left, with branch per level. This limits max length of any run from DCC control to 50-60 ft. Also designed to support using circuit breakers and boosters into mix.

Once done, I hooked up the feeders from the buss to the control box, along with the power feed. The Walther's Turntable is really nice and the instructions are very good. One concern I had was the angle of tracks. The template shows 10 degree for the Walther's roundhouse. I have two old Kibri roundhouses (look a lot like C&S in 1910-30). They have a 15 degree entry. Would they be compatible? Walther's came through, the settings can be done at any entry angle.

I should note I have the pre-built non-DCC, not the kit. I understand the pre-built DCC is the same except DCC control along with control box. I have heard horror stories about kits, so stayed far away from them. A note on power, A Forum post said Walther's recommended the Minatronics 15 VDC 1 AMP power supply. Got mine of e-bay for 6 bucks and it seems to work great. Some people had issues with 12 VDC supplies. There were recommendations for 15 VAC power supplies, but I stuck to the Minatronics equivalent.

Here is the installed turntable installed with some temporary tracks in place. Using my RRamp meter to show bridge power and DCC control present.

The control box is simple plastic box, but it can be mounted flush or handheld. Connections are 4 wire inputs and a RJ-45 connection to turntable. Install was simple. Control consists of 2 buttons and 2 direction control arrows. When programming you can make micro adjustments. One thing I'm going to do is set the turntable, then place the track in final position and secure. That way I can be 100% certain of alignment.

Once programmed TT moves smoothly and quietly to a post just past track and then backs up for final alignment to rail.

All said and done, as of now this is a product I can recommend. Just remember to keep covered when not in use to protect from dust.

Thanks Cameron

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Update

Wednesday Update.

More planning and testing. First did two more turn-outs. Shortened them considerably and tested a product I read about on forums, neolube. Electrically conductive and adheres to metal. Maybe useful to weather turn-outs. 15 turn-outs to go.

Here is the Denver suburb before. working out spacing and ordered cobblestone.

Tested some ideas on forced prospective for Golden. Front HO, back N scale. Depth 2' but looks much further.

The new turntable is in-place, working on track placement while waiting on power supply. You can see the placement of key structures.

Here is the West Colfax neighborhood in Denver. Structures roughly in place, Trolley track placed to check space. Trolley and train set in-place to show size and spacing.

Last Shot, Over view of yard area.

Thanks Cameron