Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Update

Wednesday Update.

More planning and testing. First did two more turn-outs. Shortened them considerably and tested a product I read about on forums, neolube. Electrically conductive and adheres to metal. Maybe useful to weather turn-outs. 15 turn-outs to go.

Here is the Denver suburb before. working out spacing and ordered cobblestone.

Tested some ideas on forced prospective for Golden. Front HO, back N scale. Depth 2' but looks much further.

The new turntable is in-place, working on track placement while waiting on power supply. You can see the placement of key structures.

Here is the West Colfax neighborhood in Denver. Structures roughly in place, Trolley track placed to check space. Trolley and train set in-place to show size and spacing.

Last Shot, Over view of yard area.

Thanks Cameron

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