Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quick Update

Quick Update:

Been working on a 1:1 scale wall so layout time somewhat curtailed. Did get a good 5 hours to work on West Denver.

West Denver has a Jewish section along the Trolley line and fairly close to the C&S tracks. This is looking upgrade. Tracks are being laid with a nice yard that will service 4 FSM kits: Jacobs Coal, Avrams Bakery, Flour Mill and Butcher Way.

This is the downgrade view. Street is going to be cobblestone or brick. Trolley is HO std gauge. Buildings are just set in-place for spacing. Added the coal gondola, c-19 and trolley to help show a sketch of what it will look like.

I am seriously thinking on including Bar Mills Booty Corner store (wood planking 3 story kit) and with maybe a house (Ronald Reagan's boyhood home is a candidate). Kits have to either be shallow to cut to fit depth.

Would wood kits on the side work here do you think?

Also trying to pick a structure for the trolley to run behind and stop to simulate it going both to Denver and upgrade to Golden. Maybe a billboard would work.

Golden has a matching n-scale trolley (forced prospective)that will also hide to make trolly line appear to service entire area.

Laying that many turn-outs is very time consuming so that is about all I have done in a week.

Thanks Cameron

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