Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay in updates, the 1:1 work I've been doing and waiting for some key parts to come in has delayed me. Also a lot of the detail work around track fitting is pretty basic and does not photograph well.

Here is a summary update. Denver Engine yard and West Denver have consumed most of my layout time. Additionally having to make 17 turn-outs, 13 made 4 more to go. Ran out of parts: rail and pcb ties, so remaining will take a few weeks to complete.

Here is the beginning of the engine yard with the mainline dropping down at 2.5 to 2.7% grade. Will make a stone retaining wall and some flats to make it seem realistic as the track lowers in more built-up areas like Denver.

Looking upgrade this is West Denver all turn-outs in-place. Next step is to add roadbed under rail, secure and hook-up feeders to check no shorts. Will install turn-out controls at that time.

First of 2 views showing yard. Final configuration is getting closer. Once I have the other 4 turn-outs I can determine final placement. Will leave ends on terminating track unsecured so I can tweak as buildings put in place and final turntable alignment ready. Question, from this photo you can see 2 foundations to rear, from turntable you can see they are right next to roundhouse. First foundation is the Machine Shop, the second is the Car repair shop. To the front is another car repair shop. Does that look redundant to you? Should I: move machine shop there and eliminate the foreground car shop, place car shop next to roundhouse?

Final shot low level of view approaching yard. Still undecided where to put ash pit. Ideas appreciated.

2nd led power supply came in of will be lighting staging. Plan to get a switchable blue led strand to test for night use also. Also spouse liked the Booty Corner kit from Bar Mills for West Denver so will be trying to pick-up one of those.

Final note on 24.7 volts showing on ramp meter, working with company and they are very helpful. trying a few more things and they indicated they would replace it if any issues.

Thanks Cameron

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