Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More grade testing C-19

More testing - Bullfrog snot

After the test where C-19 pulled 3-4 cars, I tried Bullfrog Snot on last driver. Pulled one more car and almost 2. Reapplied will test again after dries 24 hours.

4 car test with Bullfrog

6 car test with a little slippage, need to let bullfrog cure for longer.

Stuff works pretty good more testing tomorrow.

Thanks Cameron


  1. Adding weight always helps, of course - one idea that's helped for me is adding sheet lead to the inside roof of the cab. Sometimes, you can add weight to the cab floor as well.

  2. Steven,

    That is a good thought. Will try some thin lead sheet to see what it does. Did more testing before I found a wiring issue on C-19. 3rd Driver does not seem to work as well as 4th did.

    More testing after I fix wiring.