Monday, March 4, 2013

A little experiment.

A little experiment.

Discussion on HON3 board about capacity of Blackstone C-19 on grade vs K-27. Have both so tried a test.

Using grade meter from Micro-Mark to determine grade, showing 2.95, slight variation on this stretch of Clear Creek from 2.5 to 3.15. Real Clear Creek was 4+ and trains upgrade were short 3-4 cars.

Here is test with C-19. Four was max without slipping.

Same test K-27 8 cars (picture only shows 7, added a reefer later). Did not slip.

Final shot of K-27.

Net result, K-27 pulls twice the load (plus some more never got a slip) as the C-19. C-19 is in-line with records of C&S for their 2-8-0.

Caboose will make a difference so maybe to work on traction a little on C-19. Have 3 brass loco's I need to DCC then will test same section.

Thanks Cameron

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