Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Denver Yard update.

Denver Yard update.

With the wiring solved and the track cleaning and Bullfrog snot test completed it was time to return to Denver Yard.

One perplexing question was the deck support. Right now just a temporary 2x2. Long-term this was not going to work.

Saw an article in a Model railroad magazine on making smoke. Looked nice which got me to thinking about hiding the support in smoke.

So rearranged yard so Machine shop with stack would fit under L girder. Did some dry fitting and I think I can use a threaded 3/8" of 1/2" rod with bolts to act as a support. Then place smoke around to camouflage.

This is a close up of swapped Car shop and Machine Shop

Overall view of yard, Machine shop with stack is on left.

Yard from upgrade. circle to right is where smoke stack goes.

The rod, if strong enough, will allow fine adjustment as the nut can be turned to raise in lower in tiny amounts.

Think this will work. still unsure where to put ash pit.

Thanks Cameron

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