Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Update.

Wednesday Update.

Will have to post pictures in a day or so. First time to work on layout this week.

Concentrated on 2 areas:
1. Lead in track from yard to staging. This is a recessed track. Borrowed the idea from some pictures I saw for George Sellios's layout the Franklin & South Manchester Railroad. The mainline swings around Denver Yard and proceeds to staging. By sloping track downward it allows use of some unclaimed space under the middle peninsula. Grade is about 2.5% with turns at 0-1%. Turned out to be a lot of work cutting parts of support and having to reinforce. Got most of slope in today and began laying track. Plan to use Noch flexible stone wall to make the sides giving a hopefully nice finishing touch.

2. Spent time laying 1/16th wood for West Denver to allow cobblestone streets to match rail height. This allows trolly track to appear to be built into road per prototype. Worried about warping so painted both sides with enamel spray paint. Formed trolley track (regular HO code 83 flex track) to butt ties up against wood. When cobblestones added, will cover ties making rail look built-in. Got 8 ft installed. Once I finally choose cobble stone material will mount track to a Minatronics auto-reverse controller with programmable stops. This should allow trolley to run end to end with planned stops along the way.

Had to stop to let everything dry hope to work on tomorrow. Then come Sunday should have a few days to work on and get some pictures to share.

Thanks Cameron

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