Sunday, March 17, 2013

Electrical issue.

Electrical issue.

My RRamp meter was reading 24 volts. Posted to get ideas and then contacted AMHobby. They were great.

Ramp showing 24 v and both AC and DCC, not good. Issue was not a faulty meter but electrical signal interference.

The engineer studied the issue and came back with 2 points: 1. since wire run was long (up to 60 ft 12g) I needed to twist the wires 12 in 1 yard. 2nd a snubber, a capacitor and resistor spanning the red and black wires.

Snubber - resistor and capacitor to eliminate interference.

Test Snubber on track, note voltage dropped to 14 and only DCC light on.

Shows regular meter and RRamp Meter at same time. RRamp far more accurate with DCC, this was a verification test.

Glad that is fixed. Twisted 2 of 4 sides and installed snubbers. Will do other side in a day or so.

Thanks Cameron

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