Friday, March 29, 2013

Cobblestone for Denver, need some advice.

Cobblestone for Denver, need some advice.

Got my final materials in so spent a few hours doing some fitting and testing. The cobblestone in Denver I have pictures of. Setts are brick shaped. Can't really tell color (B&W photo).

Somewhat perplexed how to proceed and which to use. Making it worse is I need to be able to curve the street to allow trolley to move next to backdrop so I can let it disappear (hide) behind builds before return trip.

Here is what I tried:

This is cobblestone from MonsterWorks. Nice quality, very thin, good looking bricks. Pardon the warp. Could use Bar Mills Sidewalks to finish opposite trackside edge (by buildings). Not sure how to make these curve.

This shows the wood cobblestone next to the Walther's Brick cobblestone. The Walther's is nice and has sidewalks included. Cutting the Walther's is somewhat challenging.

Close view of brick. Tried to cut and make middle piece in rails. Clearance might be an issue.

More of the brick cobblestone. Board fence with small grass strip will be used to divide street from mainline tracks. You can also see turn here, will need to narrow side road some.

Final overview shot to show context.

So far from space I have, I can have buildings, curb and about 2.5" on right side of track going upgrade (right to left). 3/4" in-between rails (roughly std HO gauge - room for flanges on trolley) and another 1.5" on left of track. So parking on right street, one lane, turning etc. on track area and another full lane on left.

From what I can tell in pictures, cobblestone generally went straight and ended at curve with a 45 degree angle (90 curve).

Advice greatly appreciated. Need to determine cobblestone, after that need to determine how to address side streets where they meet backdrop. Since shallow < 3" will be difficult to not make it look like it hits a wall.

Thanks Cameron

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