Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Moving Mountains - Tuesday Update

Moving Mountains - Tuesday Update

Friend at work suggested I make the fore mountain on the Black Hawk track removable to allow work on Turn-out etc. Decided to give it a go. First try was to big to manage and by having to lift and turn meant high risk of damage to scenery and rails.

Redesigned using a smaller slide out section. First step was to cut the black board out from existing underlayment. This assured a key like fit and a largely invisible seam. Tested blackboard and it would do for base if I added support. So used left over l-girder, flipped upside down and secured from beneath. Then made 1x2 risers for masonite backing to attach to and hold up the card board webbing. Added webbing and covered in a double layer of plaster cloth.

Here is plaster cloth covered mtn roughed in.

Roughed in Mtn in place with Masonite fascia (to be painted black, though I like the carpet idea).

Covered plaster cloth with Sculpt-a-mold. Debating adding casting as they will not be mostly visible. This is the view heading upgrade to Black Hawk from Forks Creek. Nice and tight valley like the prototype.

Further upgrade. Here is the location of the turn-out (to be installed).

Lots of scenery and painting to go, but so far happy with the result.

Feedback \ improvement ideas always appreciated, this is a very knowledgeable group who has helped me a lot.

Thanks Cameron

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