Friday, April 26, 2013

Been awhile

Sorry for the delay in posting, got a new boss and he is keeping me running.

Some layout progress on Forks Creek

Can't believe the amount of castings this is taking.

Some more work on the Section house

Printed plans and glues to matt board. Cut out window openings first and test fit. Then add wood.

Here is a shot of wood added and one window cut out.

Here battens are added and window fit.

I like this way of building, can line wood up precisely and no measuring of windows. Side benefit, wood rarely pulls up compared to measuring out and cutting.

That's all for this week. Hope to get some modeling time Sunday. Did acquire Yehuda's Heating from FSM. Will go with rest of structures in West Denver. Also have a 2-8-0 #71 C&S coming in Saturday. Looking forward to it. Will need re-motor and DCC added but needed more 2-8-0 pulling power.

Thanks, comments and advice always welcome.


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