Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Monday Update

Monday Update

Worked on the area behind the movable mountain, laying roadbed and track, more fill-in rock work. Nothing to really take pictures of.

However - decided to jump in with my first scratch built structure (besides decks, etc.).

A MMR friend had suggested building the wood sides on poster board. I tried that and had issues with getting windows measureds properly. So copied plan (C&S Section house from Harry Brunk) and then fixed copy to matte board with spray adhesive. Then with a steel ruler cut out walls.

Here is side view of structure with base walls.

Front view, taped together to test space on layout.

Matched plan to wood size I had 2x10. Cut to length using Micro Mart chopper then soaked in BIS Silverwood. Nice color and alcohol based so warping not a problem. Love the color. Tried contact cement to attach boards. Seems to work well.

Windows and doors cut-out and a wash of Red oxide craft paint 50-50 with 91% alcohol. Picture shows redder than in real life.

Door had to be trimmed to cut away top as will use wood trim. Painted with rattle can plastic primer white. Window and door cuts followed advice and cut small and then filed out to fit. Got some flex files and they worked great. Looks like a little more filing needed on 1 side of door frame.

So far happy with progress, a long way to go but half the battle is getting the confidence to try it.

Need 3 of these, so I'm sure I will get lots of practice.

Thanks Cameron

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