Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Something new - for me at least.

Something new - for me at least.

Struggling with the cobblestone so some nice folks suggested I try carving the cobblestone. So here is the results of my first try (after test on workbench). Used molding plaster.

First section with forms in-place and test fit of building.

Forms in place for track section and other side of street.

Carved raw plaster. Used steel ruler with forms having marks for each sett line. Forgot to re-wet plaster so got some chipping. Some areas ended up a little low but makes it look like it is older and less maintained.

Here is method of marking and used #11 xacto blade backside to scribe.

First attempt at coloring, used weathering powders, then a glue coating. Not too happy with result will need to try something else.

A view on what is will look like. Trolley rides on HO std gauge with Hon3 for main line. Planning on using a dirt strip with sparse grass and weeds where you see board fence. Plan to displace some boards where kids slip through to watch trains.

For a first attempt I pretty happy with carving. Color needs work.

Using Minatronics to power with some intermediate stops (photo cell activated). so need to place photocells before I complete all cobblestone.

One thing I have noticed, biggest impediment to trying new techniques is fear of messing up. Learning to try on workbench and then give it a go. Only way to learn and get better.

Think I will try Terra Cotta as base color and then use some techniques I saw on the forum (Yehudah build using Monster Works brick) to make lines and vary color.

Advice always appreciated.

Thanks Cameron

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