Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Update - Firehouse / bridge

Monday Update

Spent time on mountains around Forks Creek. Built cardboard Web and put in plaster cloth. Still a ways to go one section is hard to get to.

More work in West Denver. Ordered material for stone retaining wall where track descends behind yard. Worked more on making trolley disappear in Denver.

Idea I'm needing advice on is using the Fire House (decreased in width) some trees and an overpass to make a space where trolley cannot be seen. Also have a billboard if needed.

Here is a mock-up with 2 shots:

Pardon the crudeness of the mock-up trying to see fit and angles. The cardboard strips are the proposed overpass.

A little closer and another angle. Trolley is back there but difficult to see. Flock on trees, some clutter and I think it will disappear.

Now here is where I need advice: What type of bridge? Wood, metal or concrete? Any photos or plans you could point me to? Time-frame just before US enters WW1 so 1917-18.

Also more general question? Is the bridge & Fire House the right approach, are there better options?

Thanks for all your help Cameron.


  1. Cameron - I think you have the right idea for hiding the trolley exit. The Denver viaducts of that period were metal, so a Central Valley kit would look nice. I remember when I was a kid in the early 70's that they all were painted green. With the exception of one preserved example, they are all gone now. Here is a link to pictures of it:
    Though Im not sure of the location of a firehouse being sandwiched between railroad tracks just in case there was ever a fire ( :

  2. Thanks for the info will check it out.