Friday, April 5, 2013

Brick color Deux & Trolley test

Brick color Deux & Trolley test

Only had a few hours so focused on 2 areas, coloring brick cobblestone and testing the auto reverse for the Trolley.

Thanks to Karl O's excellent work in his Yehudah thread I received most of the items he mentioned. First tried the photo Flo and red brick hobby paint. Karl is right it works great as a thinner.

This is Red Brick acrylic paint thinned 50-50 with Photo Flo. The light circle area is where I did not wait long enough to test the white & black "hockey puck" tempura paints mixed with photoflo for cement lines.

Next on to the Minatronics auto-reverse with 5 intermediate stops. Got a great deal on e-bay. It arrived yesterday. Read the instructions (I know lost my man-badge). They could have been better, but usable after rereading.

Pretty simple, install track wires, install minimum of 2 sensors, connect to wall brick for power (included, --- wire is negative). The sensors require 2 holes drilled, provided wire to be soldered to sensors (no polarity). Shrink tubing provided to cover joint. You might want to use a smaller size if you have laying around. A little slow to get shrunk well.

Maiden run. Using a Bachman DC Trolley. Bowser has a new model out that has sound, may try to get one of those later. Only installed 2 sensors since not 100% sure of positioning. Sorry for so-so picture. Trolley ran from point to point and stopped at sensor for assigned time. Had some issues related to speed and track needed cleaning so a little CRC fixed everything. An important note, depending on speed (and I suspect loco or trolley being powered, there is an amount of coast past sensor, be prepared it can be 6" or more if going fast. No Layout diving allowed!

All in all a good day. Learning more each day on brick cobblestone (called setts). Carving seems to be the way to go for me. If you have straight or 90 degree Monster Works cobblestone is excellent and a lot less work (guesstimate, you could lay 10 ft of Monster Works and paint in 2-3 hours. Hand carving would take me (I'm slow) better than 10-15 hours for same section.

The Trolley works really well. Have not changed stop intervals, but adjustable from 1-25 seconds with all 7 programmable. This allows you to customize each stop. In my case Trolley will stop at Grocery, Houses, Synagogue and merchant area. The plan to hide the reverse behind Fire house is still an option, but also considering a bridge over tracks also.

Thanks Cameron

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