Friday, March 8, 2013

Can of worms

Can of worms.

While testing grade and Bullfrog snot my C-19 started to have issue.

Took to workbench and found a broken wire. This loco had done a layout dive and I had to fix wires in past. Seems a 3' drop is not good for them.

Opened her up and also found a bare wire spot on speaker wire. Fixed broken wire and put heat shrink insulation on wire. Used liquid electric "tape" on bare spot on speaker wire.

While at it replaced broken rear coupler with a Sergent's coupler. Have a jig to file to fit and it went well.

Tested C-19 on both layout and test track and it worked much better. So fixed.

Cleaned off Drive 3 Bullfrog snot and applied to Driver 4. Let dry. Will test today and post results. Hoping for 6 cars.

Thanks Cameron

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