Monday, March 18, 2013

Bullfrog snot update

Spent a few hours Sunday testing the repaired c-19 and the dried tracks I crc'd a week ago. After getting wiring straight I ran a test.

Here ya go 6 cars on 2.65 to 3.15% grade track CRC'd 6 days ago. Bullfrog snot on 4th driver.

Just before Beaver Brook.

Decided to let it run further to test how it did on non-CRC'd side. Night and day went from no drop-outs to repeated drop-outs.

Rounding curve toward Elks Creek

Just past Elks Creek heading towards Forks Creek

So end of test cycle, Bullfrog Snot works by increasing pull about 50%. CRC not an issue for traction and greatly improves conductivity.

Thanks Cameron

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